Class Cards & Series: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Yoga studio class cards and class series make great gifts

During the months of November and December, your students and their families are in gift-giving mode.  Students are also more likely to become busier (e.g. less likely to show up for class regularly) during the holiday season. But there’s a great option to meet the needs of both holiday shoppers and busy students: class cards or series. They’re a practical and meaningful gift for family and friends to give to your students, and a cost-effective way for practitioners to stay committed to their practice.

While it’s important to remember that your students will have more social obligations this time of year, you should find ways of communicating the important of regular practice to your students. Remind your regular practitioners to purchase class cards and series when you see they’re close to the end of their current class block, and reach out via email and social media to more infrequent attendees to remind them of the calming benefits of yoga during the craziness of the holiday season.

One way you can boost class card & series purchases during the holidays is to host a Gratitude Raffle in early November. It’s a great way for you to show how thankful you are for your students! Reward students for purchasing class cards, workshop tickets, and retail items by entering them into a raffle for a fun prize. You can also do a reward raffle based on class attendance: For example, if students attend a certain number of classes per week, they’ll be entered to win a collection of holiday merchandise. 

December is when your class card & series sales will kick into high gear.  Cyber Monday & Small Business Saturday have become some of the most lucrative holiday shopping days of the year for many businesses.  It’s crucial that you take advantage of these sales holidays.  Make sure you create a promotion around class cards and series for both of those days.  Promote it heavily throughout November via email and social media, allowing ample time to communicate your message and give students and their families plenty of time to plan.

You can also have your students add class series to the wish list associated with their profile in your system. That way, when family or friends come in to make a purchase, you can pull up the student’s list to recommend gifts.

Don’t be afraid to increase your email frequency the closer you get to December.  Send email marketing reminders weekly for the 2 weeks before Christmas, and schedule social media posts 3 – 4 days per week for those 2 weeks as well.  You may also want to invest in advertising on Facebook or other social media outlets to increase your reach with local consumers. Always remember to include links to your e-commerce site where consumers can easily purchase class cards & series.

Around the holidays, business owners can often get caught up in the retail frenzy, but keep in mind that your classes are your most valuable asset! After all, practicing yoga, whether for the first time or as part of a continuing journey, is a gift that keeps on giving. Class cards and series make it easy to give or enjoy that gift.

Want even more tips on getting the most of the holiday season for your studio? Check out our guide

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