Customer Spotlight: Bella Fontana Spa

John Rigo

Every month we’ll feature a success story of one of our awesome clients at Booker!

This month’s client in the Customer Spotlight is Bella Fontana Spa! Check out how owner Ruth Cox Williamson increased revenue over $10,000 last year by focusing on customer retention.

Come Meet - Ruth Cox Williamson and Bella Fontana Spa

When thinking of ways to increase sales most small business owners can’t help but be drawn to focusing on those bright and shiny new customers. However, a more savvy owner like Ruth Cox Williamson of Bella Fontana Spa knows that it actually costs businesses less time and money to focus on current customers and that repeat customers generally spend more per transaction.  

With that being said, Ruth was looking for a way to hone Bella Fontana Spa’s customer retention methods. As she put it, “I want to build repeat business. If a client didn’t like the first employee they tried, I would like them to try another. I want loyalty and trust for the business and for me in the community.”

Ruth knew exactly what she wanted, and exactly why her business needed it, but what Ruth wasn’t sure about was exactly how to go about increasing customer retention and loyalty at Bella Fontana Spa. Ruth explained how, “we have about 26,000 customers in our database, book around 5,000 appointments and see about 3,500 people in a community of about 40,000 people.” With that many customers, Ruth knew it would be impossible to manually reach out to all these customers. She knew she needed a little assistance…

The Solution: Promoting Customer Retention with Booker Promote

Because of the large number of customers to stay in touch with, Ruth searched for a simple and effective solution. Her answer came to her when she stumbled upon Booker’s customer retention application - Promote.

Ruth came to find that…

“Promote is a great tool for helping me stay in touch with my customers. I don’t use newsletters because I’d rather provide actual value to my customers. Promote lets me do that since the emails it sends contain offers and specials. My goal is to encourage more visits per client, gift certificates purchases, and memberships.”

A big reason why owners like Ruth look to automated solutions like Promote to help with customer retention is because they're looking to better manage their time. As a small business owner, Ruth has a long list of responsibilities to deal with and only a certain amount of time to actually complete these tasks. Promote really helps to take the task of customer retention off her plate.

“Not only does Promote help me stay in touch with my customers, its analytics save me a lot of time. I never have to dig around for stats or wonder if my promotions are working. It’s that effortless.”

The Results Are In: Bella Fontana Spa Increases Revenue by $10,000+ Through Promote

Since starting up with Promote Bella Fontana Spa has witnessed about 15 additional appointments booked through Promote - that’s more than $1,000 of extra revenue. In addition, last year, Bella Fontana increased their year-over-year revenue by more than $10,000 through Promote orders. In the end, Ruth felt it important to share that...

“Within the first month, Promote generated 23 orders that resulted in more than $1,600 in business,” and overall, she’s “happy with the results!”

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