Find Santosha in Your Check-in Process

Streamline your yoga studio student check-in process

Establishing policies and procedures for your check-in process can be daunting. It’s rare that a studio has a dedicated staff member manning the front desk. Usually, studio owners, managers, teachers, and assistants all pitch in to open the studio, check students in, take payments, and answer any student questions.  Finding contentment, or santosha, in your check-in process can be a challenge, but it’s much easier to do with an online booking platform in place.

Yoga studio owners strive to cultivate a calm, content energy within their space that reflects the interactions between teachers and students during classes. However, it can be difficult to maintain a calm atmosphere during check-in, when your instructors may be juggling the front desk, answering phones, and cleaning mats after the previous session. With online bookings, you’ll be able to know in advance who’s attending your class, check them in with the click of a button, and take payments easily when they arrive.

Simplifying your check-in process with online bookings won’t just bring your staff peace of mind—it will actually help your studio achieve financial success. You work hard to attract new students, but they need a bit more attention to help them feel a part of the studio.  They need to be given a quick run down of where to store belongings, where to change, and where the bathrooms are located.  New students who are made to feel welcome and comfortable are more likely to return.  Freeing up time for your staff to serve new students more attentively will improve your student retention rates and revenue long-term.

With an online booking system in place, your check-in process will become stress free. Just keep the following pieces of information in mind:

  1. Make sure to take the time to train your staff on how to use your system to check students in and take payments so there’s no ambiguity.
  2. Also train your staff on different types of payment options, including class series and memberships, so they can process each student correctly.
  3. Don’t forget to take attendance at the beginning of every class. If someone comes in late, don’t forget to follow up after class to sign them in and take their payment if they haven’t pre-paid.

Online booking will allow you to exhale fully and truly enjoy your students as you help them grow in their practice.

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