Finding Inner Harmony for Your Practice with Online Bookings

Barry Eichner
Deepen your yoga students' practice with a yoga studio management system

Owning a yoga studio is a beautiful undertaking. Studios offer students a space to find a community where they can practice—and this practice is the heart and soul of your studio. As yoga instructors, helping students practice regularly so they can enjoy the many benefits of yoga in a safe, comfortable, encouraging environment is one of the most rewarding endeavors.

Online booking features can help yoga studio owners, managers, and teachers deepen their students’ practice.

When students book their first class online, they’ll be invited to create a profile. Your team will have access to that profile and be able to add notes at any time. Having quick and easy access to this information will help you and your instructors prepare to guide individual students during each class.

There’s a special relationship between yoga teachers and their students. Talented and dedicated teachers inspire students to deepen their practice while at the same time dedicated students inspire teachers to grow as well. Online booking can help you take that inspiration to the next level. You and your instructors will be able to see at a glance how many classes a student takes per week in their profile and recommend adjustments. If a student is currently working a specific inversion or back-bending sequence, you can keep notes on their progress. Also, if a student is modifying asanas due to an injury, you and your instructors can look at this information before a class and modify your class accordingly.

Often times, teachers will create a class sequence in the yoga traditions that doesn’t follow a specific sequence. Teachers can refer to your online booking system to see which students are attending their upcoming classes so they can be sure to include the appropriate level of postures and honor the skill level of everyone in attendance.

For example, if you tend to teach larger classes of newer students, you may want to keep the asana sequence basic so it’s easier to offer modifications and adjustments. In smaller classes with more advanced students, teachers may want to offer sequences that are more elaborate. You can make these preparations in advance with online class bookings because you’ll know exactly how many students will be in each class and where they are in their practice.

With online bookings tied into student profiles, you’ll also have the information available to send specific offers and communications highlighting upcoming events, workshops, trips, and trainings that may interest students based on their class history.

If your studio offers mat storage, energy exchange hours or towel service, an online booking platform can make it easy to manage check-ins and checkouts, payments, and tracking.

Creating a deeper, more fulfilling practice is so much easier with an online booking software. Ensuring that every teacher and team member of your studio knows how to use your software will help your studio create a safe and harmonious practice for all of your students.

Learn more about the benefits of online bookings in our guide.


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