Graduation Season: 4 Ways Local Spas and Salons Can Make it Profitable

Zoe Carey

graduation season

Graduation season is here for thousands of high school and college students across the country. Graduates will be looking for that perfect look come graduation day, and their families and friends will be searching for that  ideal gift. Well, they need not look any further: your beauty business has exactly what they need to make graduation the special day they deserve. . We’ve researched all the market ins and outs for graduation day, so you can make the graduation-day season an extremely profitable one.

1. Graduation Specials

When it comes to primping for the big day, you want your beauty business to be the first place graduates run to. In order to draw in those soon-to-be graduates, try creating promotions for graduating students. For example, offer 20% off haircuts and blowouts if a student ID is presented. Or, bundle packages together and lower the price to entice customers to utilize more of your services and products. Try pairing a mani/pedi with a massage for a discounted price, and watch as the graduates flow through your door!

2. Partner with Local Schools

In order to catch the eye of graduates, your beauty business will want to partner with local high schools and colleges in order to boost advertising. To entice students, start by posting flyers and coupons around the campuses. When students see your beauty business’ awesome promotions and prices, they won’t be able to resist your graduation services and gifts.

3. Promote on Social Media 

In order to promote your beauty business’ services for graduation day, you’ll need to market to younger audiences, namely, students. By now, you know how to market to millennials, but for this graduation season, keep  one specific tactic in mind: social media. However, don’t just tell millennials what your beauty business could offer them-- engage with them and show them how your business will make their big day glamourous.

4. Showcase your Gift Cards

Looking good on graduation day is certainly a priority for some, but there are also a huge pool of  friends and family  in search for a perfect graduation gift . In 2015, Americans spent an estimated $4.8 billion on graduation gifts alone, so why not get your beauty business in on some of those profits? Show your customers that a day of primping and relaxation at your beauty business is all a graduate would ever want. Highlight  your gift cards and provide suggested amounts so that the gift-buying process is easy and efficient for all customers.


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Zoe Carey

Zoe Carey is a writer for the Booker Blog and has spent the better part of her career working with people in the small business industry. Her true passion for marketing stems from her curiosity about the way in which people think and act.

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