Holiday Thanks for Special Clients

Kate Rankin

Thank you spa clients and thank your salon clients during the holidays

Saying thank you is an everyday practice in the spa and salon industry – as local business owners and managers, you rely heavily on the patronage of your most loyal customers. That’s why it’s especially appropriate during the holidays to acknowledge those clients who’ve contributed to your success. These are the clients who visit your salon or spa regularly, purchase retail from you, refer friends, and buy gift cards. They comprise the core of your business and deserve special recognition.

Showing appreciation for your VIP clients can set you apart from your competitors, increase loyalty, improve retention, inspire sales and build long-lasting relationships.

Here’s where your customer profiles can help you immensely. If you’re in a quandary about who to include in this select group of clients, turn to your business management software and use your reporting tools to compile a list of your top 25 to 50 clients based on the amount of money they spent with your business in the past year and how frequently they visited.

Once you’ve gathered your contact list, there are several ways to acknowledge these valuable patrons:

  • Send them a personalized, handwritten thank you note on seasonal stationary. This is an elegant way to say thank you and will stand out in today’s electronics-obsessed world.
  • Use your customer profiles to select a favorite product, treatment or service, and then offer it to them on a complementary basis.
  • Consider having a bottle of wine delivered to their homes with a personalized thank you note enclosed.
  • Hold a private VIP party with hors d’oeuvres and beverages. Give your special guests a gift bag containing a personalized item along with a selection of products supplied by your vendors.
  • Reward clients who have routinely referred your spa or salon with a gift certificate they can use toward their favorite treatment or service.

While it’s important to reward your VIPs, don’t forget about the rest of your clients! Make sure you show them how much you appreciate their patronage by serving special beverages like warm or sparkling cider, offering plates of cakes and cookies, slipping extra samples into their bags, or just extending a heartfelt “thank you for your business” to each and every person who visits.

Appreciation shouldn’t just be limited to the holidays. Think about how you can acknowledge your clients all year round. For instance, you may want to consider creating an honor roll on your website or social media accounts recognizing VIP clients that have contributed to the success of your business. Adding a personal detail and photo would make it even more about them and increase the impact of the gesture.

For more tips on promoting your holiday plans, check out our guide.

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