How Blo Blow Dry Bar Manages Memberships across 100+ Locations

When CEO Vanessa Yakobson took over Blo Blow Dry Bar in 2009, the fledgling brand had three locations in Toronto. Yakobson realized that the concept of creating runway-ready blowouts at an affordable price was scalable, and grew the business to over 100 locations in less than a decade.

"We had been imagining all these things that we wanted to be able to achieve with push messaging for marketing purposes. And then all of a sudden, Marketing Suite came along and made all of our dreams come true."

- Vanessa Yakobson

Managing more than 100 locations

While growth to that scale is exciting, it presents a unique set of challenges. For example, Blo franchisees offer memberships to their customers, allowing them to come into the salon for two blowouts a month and other benefits. This Mane Squeeze membership allows Blo locations to have recurring revenue, but it also keeps customers engaged. The challenge: Blo wanted to allow members to access their benefits at any Blo location.

To accomplish this, Yakobson and her corporate team need to ensure that prices across geographic regions are in-line with their guidance and that they had a business system that allowed cross-regional memberships to work.

“If we didn’t have the reports from Booker, I don’t know how we would do it. We probably wouldn’t be able to offer this program.”

– Vanessa Yakobson

Centralizing business management

To make this membership system work, Blo uses Booker. With Booker, Yakobson can not only manage the membership program but also see data about memberships across brand locations.

“In terms of what Booker enables us to do, from a scale perspective, it is enormously helpful to be able to develop a membership program at the corporate level and be able to push that out at the location level,” Yakobson said. “We know that we can push that out to the location level without having to rely on those individual locations to make those modifications themselves.”

Because each location uses Booker for day-to-day operations, the Blo corporate office can log in daily and check on the locations to see their scheduling, appointment volume, capacity management, cost control, and sales numbers. This crucial data helps them see everything that's happening—both on a location level and system-wide—so that they can provide coaching and support to help the franchise partners grow.

“Booker gives us that window into our businesses, which would otherwise be impossible,” Yakobson said. “We'd be relying on self-reporting from our franchisees, which would be a nightmare.”

Automating marketing and feedback outreach

While Booker makes it possible to develop its membership program and inventory at the corporate level, it also helps empower Blo locations to get the critical customer feedback they need to ensure a high-quality customer experience.

Since not all clients are comfortable sharing feedback in person, Blo set up automated messaging after every service through Booker's Marketing Suite. This automated campaign collects real-time feedback from customers lets managers and owners address any unhappy customers and celebrate staff members' positive reviews.

Plus, the reviews are attached to the service, so they don't have to remember who helped them and can quickly post to other review sites. With more reviews, each Blo location can strengthen their competitive advantage with an improved online presence and word-of-mouth referrals.

Having everything in one system means that each franchise location can offer a consistent and excellent branded experience. No matter which Blo someone walks into, they'll get the same elevated experience they expect, plus the flexibility to use their memberships and series at any location. Booker takes care of Blo locations' little things, freeing up the staff to focus on helping their customers look and feel their best.

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