How the Founder of Skin Laundry Changed the Face of the Skincare Industry

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After struggling with skin issues that got more severe with age, Yen Reis founded Skin Laundry. While living in Asia, she found a safe and accessible laser and light therapy that greatly improved the health of her skin. The treatment was quick and effective, and best of all, had no downtime. When Yen moved to Los Angeles, she couldn’t find a similar treatment that was affordable and convenient. As her skin started to regress, she met with medical professionals and laser experts to fill this void in the market, and started Skin Laundry.

Her flagship store opened in 2013, but today, Skin Laundry has locations in California, New York, Arizona, London and Hong Kong, with several more on the horizon. We decided to have a little chat with this happy Booker customer, to learn more about her journey with Skin Laundry. Prepare to be inspired.

Q. What prompted you to open Skin Laundry?

While living in Singapore, I began experiencing hormonal acne after having my third son and I found a solution in Laser & Light therapy.  It was fast, effective and allowed me to maintain healthy skin. When I moved to Los Angeles, I saw a void in the market - there were no accessible, time efficient, and affordable professional laser treatments that produced results without any downtime.  It was then I decided to open Skin Laundry and developed a signature Laser & Light Facial at an affordable price point so everyone can enjoy the benefits of lasers.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge as a small business owner?

As Skin Laundry is a new and innovative concept, educating the market on our signature treatment and its benefits has been the most challenging. To help in this process, we recently launched Skin Laundry’s First Treatment Free program that allows all new customers to experience a free treatment. This allows everyone to try it, understand it and see the benefits for themselves. This has really helped us educate those who have never tried lasers before and want to try it for the first time.

Q. What has been the most unexpected experience about starting and owning Skin Laundry? 

How fast we have grown and with that how much work is involved particularly when you stretch it over 3 continents USA, Asia, and Europe. 

Q. What advice would you give to other people looking to make the jump to entrepreneurship? 

Work hard and take risks. If you’re lucky enough to have opportunities come your way, you should take it and make the most of it.

Q. Where do you get inspiration for how you run Skin Laundry?

Networking is important, talking to everyone who wants to talk to you about the industry and not being shy about asking questions and look for insights when you can.

Q. How do you learn what your customers want? How do you get their feedback? Has there been any insight from customers that helped you meet their needs better? 

I tend to try to be on the floor of my locations talking to every customer asking questions. Is this your first laser experience? have you noticed a difference in your skin? how many treatments have you had? etc These are all feedback I like to know. We also have data from our systems that allows us to see how customers spending habits and retention. 
Frequency is key, we try to set up memberships for our customers to make it easier and more affordable experience for them.

Q. What role has technology played in the success of Skin Laundry? 

We want our entire business to be as technologically advanced as our proprietary 2-Step Laser & Light Facial. So, we are completely paperless, from check-in to check-out, and our clean interface allows clients to book from their mobile device. This process eliminates wastage of time. We can have the customer in and out in 15 minutes and our customers love that!

Q. What do you see for the future of Skin Laundry, and your industry in general? 

For us, the trend of doing facials as a part of your healthy lifestyle is growing more and more popular these days. As we are all living longer, it's important to maintain your health and preserve your looks longer too. So, beauty treatments and facials are quickly becoming apart of everyone's routine.

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