How To Create a Loyalty Program for Your Salon

Aditi Vora

Think back to the last time you used a store rewards card…for discounts, specials, points, or promotions. Now think about how often you make your purchasing decisions based on the rewards points you’ve collected through these cards. Pretty often, right? It’s vital to keep your customers coming back for repeat business, especially since it can cost a business 5-10 times more to attract a new customer. You’ve already done all the legwork to build your client-base, now it’s time to build a program to keep them loyal to your business.

Loyalty programs for salons are an easy and effective way to hold onto your best clients and ensure not only that they stick with your salon but also act as your brand ambassadors and bring along the additional business provided by their referred friends and family. We’ve already gone through the importance of Customer Loyalty Marketing, and here we’ll go through several methods for your salon.

There are many different ways to create a loyalty program for your salon. Some things to consider are the different platforms in which you could implement your program.  

Punch Card

This is a basic, yet effective, method for garnering some repeat business amongst your existing customers. Many salons supply their customers with loyalty punch cards at the close of their first purchase. Whether they decide to punch a slot for each visit or for each incremental amount spent, customers look forward to earning the free treatment.

Points System

Setting up a simple points system is another basic but easy strategy for creating loyalty.   

Begin by setting 'value' to points -- what does it take to earn a single point at your salon?

For example:

$1 spent = 1 point earned (it’s important to note that points are not able to be redeemed for cash)

Now that you’ve established the value of your points, you can start assigning different points to different behaviors:

Customer Referral = 500 points

Each appointment booked through salon app = 250 points

Each appointment made through pre-booking = 250 points

Appointments made for birthdays = 300 points

Once you’ve assigned points to each behavior you can then assign rewards for collecting a set number of points:

Once a customer has earned 1000 points, he/she would be eligible to redeem for gift certificates or discounts on haircuts or a Shampoo + Conditioner set.

VIP Treatment

Give your customers the VIP treatment they deserve, especially to the customers that continue to show loyalty to your salon. This goes along a more tiered rewards program (that works in conjunction with a points system) in which you can include additional and special rewards for the most frequent and loyal clients.

Giving clients VIP status can open them up to exclusive salon deals, discounts on several of the retails items on sale at your salon, specials on select treatments and much more.

Keep it Social

In today’s digital world, it’s both easy and very important to stay connected via the various social channels available. When it comes to salons, being such a visual industry, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, are all great platforms. Ask your clients to take snaps of their new hairstyles and post it up on their different social accounts and request for them to tag your salon’s account handle along with it. Reward them for each of their posts with either rewards points or access to salon specials and discounts. Another great tool at your disposal is Yelp, the online review site. Encourage your happy customers to leave thoughtful reviews on your Yelp page and develop your online community. 

Do you enjoy the benefits of having online booking software that integrates loyalty programs and encourages customer retention? If not, learn more about Booker and how it could help to grow your salon business, here!

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