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The gargantuan, yellow phone books have perished, and there is a new, more convenient listing tool which has taken their place - online directories. As The Lion King taught us, it’s all just part of the circle of life. Online directories have quickly replaced their predecessors as a daily part of consumer’s lives and the buy cycle. According to Search Engine Land 9 out of 10 consumers use online directories and reviews to determine the quality of a local business. With nearly 90% of consumers taking to online directories in order to connect with local businesses, it’s safe to say it’s a smart move to get your business listed if it isn’t already.


Now, when it comes to the online directories, there are two kings in this jungle - Yelp and Google. We’ve already helped walk you through setting up your Yelp profile, but with 1.17 billion active users and 3.5 million searches occurring everyday, using Google’s online directory is just another awesome, free tool for your small business to gain some visibility.


Don’t stress about the setup, let’s break things down into a simple step-by-step guide for creating your business’ Google profile.


Step 1: Jump on over to Google’s “My Business” and hit the “Get on Google” button to get started.


listed on google


Step 2: The next thing you want to do is find your business on Google Maps. This step is especially important because linking your business to Google Maps will make it extremely easy for customers to find your business and get themselves to your front door.


listed on google


Step 2(A): Type in your business name and see if anything comes up. It is possible that Google has already generated a basic account for your business. If that’s the case, this tutorial is going to be a little shorter for you. Simply click on your company, and then hit “Request admin rights” when prompted. Google will request verification that you are an admin for the selected business, and then you will be able to update your profile as you see fit.


listed on google


Step 2(B): If your business doesn’t already have a page, that’s okay! We’re going to help you set one up. Simply hit “None of these match” and let’s get going on building out your profile.

listed on google

Step 3: You will first be prompted to fill in all your business’ fundamental information such as full address, phone number, and category (meaning what type of business you are).

                                                                                listed on google

Step 4: Next, you will be asked to verify that you actually manage the business you are trying to list. Hit the “Mail me my code” button and Google will mail a verification code to the business address you listed. It will arrive between 1-2 weeks.

listed on google

Step 5: Once you’ve verified your business it’s time you get cracking on buffing up your barebones profile.

listed on google

Step 5(A): Profile Picture - Upload a profile picture for your business. This will be the “face” of your business for your Google profile, so nice, high resolution image of your business’ logo is a smart choice.


Step 5(B): Intro - Add a little intro about your business. This is your chance to showcase your business’ personality and the services you provide.


Step 5(C):  Phone Number - Add in your business’ phone number so consumers can call your business when they need to.


Step 5(D): Business Hours - Add in your business’ hours of operations so consumers know when they can access your store front.


Step 5(E): Website - Link your company website to your Google profile. This will allow consumers to access your website directly from your Google profile.


Step 5(F): Uploaded Pictures - Don’t forget to upload pictures of your business to your profile. Images add some life to your profile and make your business seem more welcoming.


Now, save your edits and then… Hey! You’re all done! 5 simple steps later and you’ve got your business a brand new Google profile! Congrats! Remember to always monitor posted reviews and try to upload new pictures on a semi-frequent basis.



Did this make setting up your profile easy? Still a little confused? Leave us a comment below on how your Google profile setup went!  




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