How to Personalize Your Client's Grooming Experience

The best way to set your dog grooming business apart from the competition is by delivering a very personalized experience for your two-legged clients as well as their pets. This article from Business News Daily expresses the importance of client data for businesses. The next step is to find software that will make this information actionable.

Now that you have all this relevant customer data, the next step is determining how to best apply it effectively toward growing your business. The answer lies in understanding CRM.              

Customer Relationship Management

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is where all your client and pet information – from appointments to preferred products – all live together on a single platform.  When a client makes a booking (online, in person, or over the phone), your business will have access to your client’s:

  • Appointment History
  • Spend on Services vs. Products
  • Grooming & Product Preferences

Having access to multi-faceted and integrated records give you the insights needed to target your conversation during the appointment and marketing after the appointment by tracking your client’s behavior. 

An added bonus of a CRM system is that it allows you to target your announcements, specials, emails (see our Email Marketing Guide) and retention marketing (see our Customer Retention Guide) with great accuracy and less waste.

Advancing your business relies on having the flexibility to access your business and pet records, regardless of location.

A-head in The Cloud

Storing your data in the cloud means that you can access it any time, anywhere, and from any device. This gives you the ability to see your bookings, inventory, and to send and schedule emails at your leisure.

The Benefits

The ability to have your pet record data tied to your business transactions— from the appointment book to the POS (Point of Sale)—is invaluable.  This client story dictates the marketing you will use to target customers based on their behavior and helps you to optimize your business.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

“A Crisis Diverted”

It’s Tuesday morning.  Mary, a loyal customer, calls to schedule a grooming appointment for her three poodles on Saturday.  You look at Saturday’s schedule and see that it’s already almost completely full. There are three appointments left open, which Mary takes.   You see that you only have two groomers scheduled Saturday, but you do have an open station that could be used to take additional appointment requests.

Then you open Mary’s client record (which is linked to her appointment) and see that she always purchases a bottle of apple-scented shampoo, but the system just alerted you that you only have three left in inventory.

So, now you can add another groomer to the schedule for Saturday and continue to fill your book throughout the rest of the week. You can also pull some of the apple shampoo aside for Mary while you place an order for more.

"Solution for a Quiet Appointment Book"

You’ve used your cloud-based system to look at your calendar on a monthly basis, and you see that every Tuesday morning, you are slow between 9am and noon. You can target an email to your customer base offering a 15% discount for any appointment scheduled on Tuesday’s between 9am and noon.

In both cases, your grooming business is in control of accessing information, 24/7, that leads to capturing potential loss of revenue.

The Bottom Line

The importance of having a robust and easily accessible client and pet record database directly impacts your business’s ability to create personalized pet experiences leading to increased loyalty and revenue with the added benefit of being best in show among your competition.


About the Author

Rachel Rowley

Rachel Rowley is a content developer and small business consultant who’s spent her career building businesses through advertising, e-commerce and technology. She is an avid traveler and a hamburger enthusiast.

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