How to Reach Yogis Across the Web

Ashley Taylor Anderson
Yoga studio online marketing tips

Most yoga studio owners are in their comfort zone when they're helping students slow down and take a step back from their everyday lives.

However, when it comes to reaching new clients and growing your business, it's impossible to avoid entering into the hustle and bustle of the online world. Whether you enjoy spending time in this world or not, it's essential that your business has a strong website and online presence to help prospective clients find and engage with you before they commit to attending their first class.

John Sovec shares 5 tips for yoga studio owners to consider as they create a website for their business. Head over to the Yogi Times site to read the full article.


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Ashley Taylor Anderson

Ashley Taylor Anderson is a content developer and marketer who's spent her career knee-deep in the B2B technology space. In previous professional lives, she worked as a science textbook editor, media producer, and pastry chef.

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