Identifying and Targeting the Mother’s Day Shopper

Zoe Carey

When it comes to creating successful holiday marketing campaigns, the first step for your spa/salon is to identify the right target audience. Being aware of your target audience allows you to produce innovative campaigns for your business that help to generate engagement and responsiveness within specific groups of people. So, for this Mother’s Day, your beauty business needs to identify these target audiences so that your marketing plan can be as effective, as possible.

Unsure about how or who to target for this Mother’s Day? Don’t worry -- we’ve got you covered!

Husbands and Sons: The (Often) Lost Shoppers

Last year, husbands and sons spent an average of $215 on their mothers or wives for Mother’s Day, meaning that male shoppers constitute a huge target audience for this holiday. But, men often feel lost when it comes to figuring out what to get their wives or mothers for this holiday, so your beauty business has got to help these guys out. Show them that a day of pampering at the salon or a relaxing day spent at the spa is an essential gift for mom. To reach them, start by partnering with local businesses that tend to attract male clients, such as a gym or a barber shop. If these male-oriented local businesses post your Mother’s Day specials on their social media pages or showcase promotional material at their storefront, you’ll get men of all ages flowing into your beauty business. Then, when Father’s Day rolls around, your beauty business can return the favor. It’s a win-win!

Men are also more likely to be last-minute shoppers, so make your beauty business’s Mother’s Day specials and promotions easily accessible. That means posting these special deals online so that husbands and sons can buy exceptional gifts for mom with the click of a button. The more convenient, the better.

Daughters: The Thoughtful Shoppers

Husbands and sons may be the primary consumer during the days leading up to Mother’s Day, but let’s not forget about daughters, who still, on average, spent $133 on mom! Many moms want the gift of quality time for Mother’s Day, so what could be better than spending a day at the spa or an afternoon at the salon, together? For the holiday, your small business can capitalize on this by introducing  mother-daughter package deals so that daughters can give their mothers the gift of quality time, relaxation, and pampering -- simultaneously. With this special deal on hand, you will have no problem attracting daughters (and mothers!), this Mother’s Day.

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Zoe Carey

Zoe Carey is a writer for the Booker Blog and has spent the better part of her career working with people in the small business industry. Her true passion for marketing stems from her curiosity about the way in which people think and act.

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