Implementing an Online Payment System Brings Options and Convenience

Erica Brooke Fajge

People are creatures of habit. You’re probably quite used to the way you handle payment transactions, but an online payment system would simplify your point of sale process and provide a number of benefits to your staff and customers.

Recently, you learned that more is better, at least as it applies to offering your customers multiple payment options. What’s even better is that you can continue to accept various forms of payment and simplify your checkout process with the help of an online payment system.

So, how do you go about implementing one for your business? And what specific features does it offer?

Getting Started

Online payment systems, or POS software, connect with your credit card processor to process transactions in real time. It’s that simple. Once you’re all connected, you can:

  • Connect your POS with customer profiles to process payments using a card on file.
  • Securely manage and analyze your transactions.
  • Track customer purchases over time.
  • Accept multiple payment types including cash, credit, debit, gift certificates, and loyalty points.

The More Payment Options, the Better

Although you might worry that you’ll have to stop accepting certain forms of payment with an online payment system, that is not the case. With POS software you can continue to accept cash (of course!), credit/debit cards, and gift certificates, but you can now also offer customers the convenience of paying for services or products anywhere, at any time.

Credit Card Processing

A POS system easily connects with your credit card processor so you can securely take payments, with data from every sale captured in the system. Your new POS software will allow for quicker checkouts for your customers, as well as reliable and secure processing that complies with current security standards.

Convenient Mobile Payment Processing

Since a majority of the population is already attached to their phones 24/7, mobile payment processing is a feature that your customers and staff members will love. With this feature you can turn any smartphone or tablet into a payment terminal with fast and reliable processing (so your customers won’t have to worry that you didn’t receive their payment!). Mobile payment processing through POS software also enables you to accept signatures directly on any mobile device and promptly email receipts directly to your customers.

Customized Gift Certificates

You know that your customers love purchasing and using gift certificates, and a POS online system allows your staff and customers to easily and conveniently purchase gift certificates with the bonus of several awesome features. Gift certificates can be personalized with your business’s logo and a customized design. They can be purchased both in-person and online, and they can be either printed or emailed. And these transactions, just like any others, will automatically be tracked and synced with previous customer information.

Your Own Online Store

What about those popular hair or pet care products that are flying off the shelves? By offering online and mobile payments, your customers can purchase items anywhere, at any time, without having to actually travel to your location! They will now have the convenience of not only booking appointments online, but also making deposits, purchasing gift certificates, and buying products, memberships, and packages from any computer or mobile device.

As you can see, a POS system only enhances your current payment system and gives your staff and customers more options and convenience. And all you need to do is have it connected to your credit card processor. Simple, right? So, what are you waiting for? Try it out today, and begin to reap the benefits as you let technology make your life easier and your business stronger.

We want to know: How has an online payment system simplified the way you do business? What benefits has it brought? Comment below!

About the Author

Erica Brooke Fajge

Erica Brooke Fajge is a contributing author for Booker by MINDBODY. She has extensive experience in the tech and digital marketing industries, specifically in web content, online publishing, and startups. Erica also shares her expertise as an adjunct instructor at the Fox School of Business at Temple University in Philadelphia, where she teaches Business Communications in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

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