Improving Customer Convenience: Is Your Lash Salon Easily Bookable?

John Rigo

customer convenience for lash salons

What do you think are some of the most influential factors when it comes to clients booking an appointment with your lash salon? Fair pricing? Definitely. Excellent customer service? Of course. Easy booking process? 1000%! When it comes to your client booking process customer convenience is king. In some cases clients are even willing to pay a little more for one lash salon just because making an appointment is quicker, and easier. With the market for local beauty businesses being more competitive than perhaps ever before, clients don’t just want customer convenience they demand it. If making an appointment at your lash salon is a pain -- clients will simply take their business to a more convenient competitive. It’s a lash salon eat lash salon world out there.

How confident are you that it’s as easy as possible for clients to book an appointment at your lash salon? If there’s even the slightest bit of doubt, let’s change that right now. Here are the 4 of the easiest signs to really tell if you are as easily bookable for clients as you think you are.

1. Booking Appointments over the Phone

Is the only way clients can book an appointment at your lash salon over the phone? Is it the primary method? If so, hate to break it to you, but it’s not very convenient for your clients to book an appointment with you.

Think about it: your lash salon is probably open from like 9am - 6pm. Maybe 9am - 8pm if you’re guzzling pots of coffee. However, many of your clients are busy working during those hours. It’s extremely inconvenient for customers if your lash salon demands them to break away from work, make a phone call, and book an appointment. That may be how you like operating, but the convenience always needs to be in favor of your clients.

If not, especially considering there are much more convenient methods for them to book out there… you run a high risk of them taking their money to another salon.

2. Booking Appointments through Online Booking

If you offer online booking at your lash salon there is no doubt: you are convenient for your clients (wahoo!!). You’ve given the power back to your clients. You care about customer convenience. They’re no longer bound by the hours you’re open. Clients instead simply head over to your website and book their appointment straight from there. By offering your clients the ability to book an appointment through your online booking system, they can now book an appointment whenever, wherever. Clients can book appointments at 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning - whenever works best for them.

There are tons of additional benefits to having an online booking system. Be sure to checkout all the benefits there are for both your customers and your business!

3. Booking Appointments through Social Media

Your lash salon needs to be where your clients are. That’s where you want your booking availability to be. Wondering where your clients spend the majority of their time? It’s an easier question than you think. One word: Facebook. As of today, there are more than 1.44 billion active users on the social media giant. Additionally, U.S. users typically spend 40 minutes or more a day on Facebook. With so many of your clients on Facebook and spending a considerable amount of time there, wouldn’t it be great if you could allow your clients to book straight from their favorite social media platform? Well you can!

The right online booking system should also be able to seamless integrate with your lash salon’s Facebook business page.

customer connivence for lash salons

Now if potential new clients are checking out your page -- viewing your posts, scrolling through your pictures -- and they like what they see, they can book an appointment right there and then. Clients can view all the services you offer, the duration, the time, your availability, and then just hit book. Yes, just like that. Talk about convenience.

Curious about all the ways your lash salon can take full advantage of Facebook? Check it out!

4. Booking Appointments through Online Directory Profiles  

Yes, digital advertisements, email campaigns, even printed materials are great ways to communicate with your clients, but at the end of the day -- your clients trust their peers over all else. That’s why it’s no surprise 88% of customers use online reviews when determining the quality of a local business. Nearly 100% of the time online business directories such as Yelp work to bridge the gap between your clients with your lash salon. So, be sure to fully connect that bridge.

The right online booking system should allow your appointment book to seamlessly sync with your listed profile. This way after a client sees all the positive reviews you’ve accumulated on your profile and they want to book an appointment, they can book one right off your profile. Eliminate the barriers and delays. Give your clients the convenience they’re looking for.

Looking to add a book now function to your Yelp profile? Check it out!


If you’re ready to make booking appointments at your lash salon as easy as possible take a look at all the ways Booker can help you out!

                       customer connivence for lash salons

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