Ink All Year: How to Keep the Business Surge Going After the Holidays

Aditi Vora

It’s a well-known fact that it’s best to get tattoos during the colder months of winter.  The colder months make for ideal conditions for those both getting inked and for the tattoo artists. Do you ever find yourself in the midst of a dip in business during the spring or summer?

Don’t fall prey to the single season surge.

It’s all about leveraging your existing customers and learning what they can mean for your business. From winning their repeated business to the friends and family they could be referring to your business, your existing customers are the cash cow you never knew you had access to!

So…how can your existing customers really help for you to keep the momentum up and keep your boom in tattoo appointments going on, well after that winter surge?

1.Writing Reviews and Rating Your Tattoo Shop

Your existing customers are the only ones that have the ability to write about your business. They’re the ones that have gone through getting tattooed at your shop, dealing with your artists, and determining the overall experience of your tattoo shop. With 88% of customers using online reviews when selecting a local business, your review site can be an extremely valuable asset.

If you’re not listed on Yelp or Google yet, don’t worry; it’s easy to set up!

2.Referring Family and Friends

92% of customers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. Yup, you read that right. Those friends and family referrals are extremely powerful. Your network of customers can expand simply through the existing network of your current customers.

3.Coming Back For More

Another fringe benefit of your existing customers, besides all the hidden ways they might be helping to profit your tattoo shop? It costs 6-7 times less to bring an existing customer back to your business than it does to acquire a new one. That means, there’s 6-7 times more money in your bank for each of these customers, and they’re likely to spend 67% more than anyone new to your business.

There are just too many benefits that stem from your existing customers that you could ever ignore. Have you placed a referral program from your tattoo shop, yet? Let us know your best tactics and comment below!

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Aditi Vora

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