Is it Time to Change How You Run Your Small Business? (Part 1)

Aditi Vora

Owning a small business is no walk in the park-- unless you call the constant pressures of managing schedules, employees, customers, and quality of service, an easy peasy job. With the number of balls you’re juggling in the air, it may seem like you’re constantly struggling to keep your head above water. 

With the seemingly endless list of tasks that you need to focus on during all hours of the day, it’s a wonder that you find the time to even breathe. 

Instead of constantly dealing with the weight of having to manually manage every aspect of your business, imagine a world where you’re strictly focusing on the grow aspect. Throw out your messy, disheveled, smudged up, appointment book -- just kidding, we know how important that book is to you -- how about we just put it away on the shelf behind you. 

Yep -- we’re asking for you to ditch the pen and paper and learn about all the wonderful advantages that come with having a business management solution. 

Let’s dive right in: 

Online Booking
In this day and age, customers are always looking for the maximum convenience. No longer are people operating on a 9am-5pm schedule. With online booking, your customers will have the ability to book beyond your normal operating hours, and they’ll be able to do it without actually picking up the phone. The convenience factor is huge -- for both your customers and for you. 

Mobile Payments
Another convenience factor for your customers is the ability to pay using a variety of different payment methods, something that you should already be offering. With a good business management solution, you’ll be able to accept everything from credit cards to personalized gift certificates. 

Employee Management
One of the biggest assets to your business are you employees. They’re the ones that keep you going day in and day out. With an employee management solution, you’ll be able to keep both them and you organized. With the right tool, you can make sure you’re scheduling your best employees during your busiest days, and really optimizing the services you’re offering your customers. 

Customer Relationship Management 
The cherry-on-top of a business management solution is the way you’ll be able to manage your customer relationships. You’ll enjoy the ability to keep your customer records organized, all in one place, and constantly up to date. Running a local service business means that you need to deliver the best possible experiences to your clientele -- much of which now involves the personal touch. Having all of your customer records will give you the opportunity to offer special deals to your best customers, alert you on any special types of treatments they enjoy, and alert you when they haven’t given you a visit in a while. 

So, i’ll leave off with this…since there are so many benefits to running your small business with a seamless business management solution...

What are you waiting for? 

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Aditi Vora

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