Is Your Point of Sale Truly a PoS?

Aditi Vora

You know what I'm talking about. You've got your point of sale and it's doing nothing for you. Yeah, it takes payments…but how does it take payments? Are you stuck with a clunky, stationary terminal? Does your P.o.S point of sale, leave you short-changed? Are you too busy counting your cash to even read this post? 

Let’s take a journey through a point of sale that’s decidedly NOT a P.o.S:

  1. Provides Multiple Payment Options

A worthy point of sale will accept multiple payment options because, at the end of the day, you’ve got to cater to what the customer wants and needs. Convenience is an extremely vital part of marketing, customer loyalty, and most importantly, the sales process.

  1. Accepts Gift Cards

Speaking of multiple payment options, does your P.o.S. accept gift cards or gift certificates? Gift cards are incredibly lucrative and promote customer loyalty. Gift cards are an incredible marketing tool for your business, can help to attract new clientele, drive repeat business, increase your brand awareness, and help improve your sales.

  1. Integrates with Your Online Booking

This all goes back to the convenience of your customer. When your point of sale integrates with your online booking system, you’ll be able to seamlessly charge your customer at the close of their service. Added benefit? You can automatically charge for all those no-shows. We know how much you hate those!

  1. Ecommerce

Have you been able to capitalize on the extra revenue that comes out of an ecommerce platform? When your point of sale integrates with your entire business’ management platform, you’ll have the added benefit of selling your products online.

  1. Decrease Extra Costs

This one’s a no-brainer. Make sure your P.o.S isn’t costing you extra dollars. Look for a system that charges at a low rate, keeping you and your customers happy.

6. Increases Customer Loyalty

With a good POS system, you’re able to back up your customer loyalty campaigns by accepting gift certificates, loyalty points, pre-paid services, and memberships along with the usual cash and credit cards. With customers being able to pick and choose their methods of payments, especially the use of their loyalty points, they’ll be more and more likely to return back to your business for repeat services.

About the Author

Aditi Vora

Aditi Vora is a skilled digital marketer with a passion for content marketing and exploring new and fun ways to keep her audience informed and engaged. She's currently the Senior Manager of Content at <a href="" style="color: #2e9bd8">Booker Software</a>.

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