Must-Reads: July 24, 2017

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Weekly wisdom from around the web for spa and salon owners 

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6 Tips to Share with Clients Who Want Unicorn Hair

As fantasy inspired hair continues to have its moment, you may be seeing an influx of customers looking to make the pastel plunge. Here are six things to discuss with them before pulling the trigger. Read more at American Salon.

3 Women Entrepreneurs Who Unleash Their Energy for the Greater Good

Channel your inner Wonder Woman with words of wisdom from these three female entrepreneurs.
Read more at Entrepreneur

Rebuffed by 'Shark Tank,' Michael Elliot Raised $200K from Viewers to Build Nail Salons for Guys

Read how this screenwriter-turned-small business owner (and Booker client) created a “man-cave nirvana” salon chain for men. Read more at Forbes.

How to Keep Up With Social Media Updates in 10 Minutes a Day

Thanks to ever-changing algorithms and features, staying ahead of Facebook and Instagram can feel like a full-time job. Hack your way to smarter social media with these tips. Read more at Entrepreneur.

10 Small Things Successful People Do Every Day

Success doesn’t come in one fell swoop — it’s often the culmination of days, months and years full of small tasks. Read more at Inc.

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Build a Better Instagram Feed for Your Salon
Build a Better Instagram Feed for Your Salon

Try these tips to improve your Instagram photos and attract new clients to your salon.

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Must-Reads: July 14, 2017

Weekly wisdom from around the web for spa and salon owners


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