Naming Your Yoga Facebook Page

How to choose a name for your yoga studio's Facebook Page

Selecting the perfect name for your yoga studio’s Facebook Page is crucial for building an online brand. There tends to be quite a bit of confusion surrounding this topic, but there is one question you can ask to make a final decision:

What would a student be likely to type into the search bar if they were attempting to find you on Facebook?

The name of your page should reflect that.

The key to building your studio’s online presence is making yourself as searchable as possible – if someone looks for you, they should be able to find you on Facebook upon first attempt. 

Often times, studio owners add extra words to their page names, but this can negatively impact your searchability if not done carefully. Here are two examples of page names with clear explanations about effectiveness as it relates to the name. 

Page Name #1 –Yoga by Justin

Although this page name is catchy and easy to remember, there are important elements missing. On my yoga class schedule, my students know me as Justin Michael Williams. But in this case, if they search for Justin Michael Williams on Facebook, they wouldn’t find me because I removed my middle and last name from the Page name. The addition of the words “yoga by” is acceptable, but if you include additional words, remember they might limit the growth and expansion of your business. What if you also teach Pilates? Since Facebook doesn’t make it easy to change your Page name, including the word “yoga” could be limiting, but this all depends on your long-term vision.

Page Name #2 – Yoga & Pilates by Justin Michael Williams  

This page name is ideal because it aligns with what my students recognize. Justin Michael Williams is not only what students call me, but it’s also what I list on my studio’s class schedule, my website, and flyers. This makes it easy for students to find me instantly upon search. I’ve also included yoga and Pilates so I can capitalize on people searching for both disciplines

Here are two simple rules to follow when selecting your Facebook Page name:

For Teachers: Your Facebook Page name should always include your name as it’s listed most commonly in your teaching environments.

For Studios: Your Facebook Page name should always be the name of your studio.

Keep these rules in mind when building your Facebook Page. If you have already created a Page and need to change the name, search the Facebook Help section to see your options for requesting a name change. 

Learn more about Facebook marketing for yoga studios in our guide.

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