A New Way for Booker Salons and Spas to Attract New Clients

Denise Prichard

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As the owner of a beauty or wellness business, you realize that attracting new customers can be one of your biggest struggles throughout the year. On top of that, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused multiple openings and closings in the beauty and wellness space, which could make getting these clients to notice your business harder than ever.

Even in this “new normal,” you know that your current and prospective clients are constantly on the hunt for a safe but exceptional experience when they visit beauty and wellness businesses—but this experience doesn’t necessarily start the second they step foot into your establishment. In fact, it actually starts during the searching and booking process.

At Booker, we want to enable you to create top-notch wellness experiences for your clients with technology that helps you foster the loyalty you work so hard to achieve. We want to enable your clients and prospects to easily book appointments at your establishment so you can focus on providing an exceptional experience when they show up for their appointment. But with so much competition out there, getting the right kind of new clients to actually visit your business can be quite a challenge.  

That’s where listing your beauty business in the Mindbody app comes into play. Booker customers can now list their businesses in the Mindbody app to get exposure with the right kind of clients. 

Attract new beauty clients with your Mindbody app listing 

It’s more important than ever to attract and convert the right kind of client–clients that spend more and are passionate about beauty and wellness. The Mindbody app is every consumers’ connection to wellness and beauty, no matter where they are. They can book at the businesses they love or discover a new favorite place to get their beauty services. More than a million consumers (yes, even during COVID-19!) use the Mindbody app every month and now you can, too.

Clients that use the Mindbody app prioritize beauty and wellness more than the average US consumer. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, 1.4 million beauty and wellness lovers are using the Mindbody app to discover and book with businesses just like yours.* Not only do these app users value beauty and wellness services, they also bring in a strong average annual income of over $110,000—and they tend to spend more on these services—an average of $245 per month.**

See why consumers on the Mindbody app are exactly who you’re looking for.

It’s easy to get your salon or spa listed in the Mindbody app—no need to fuss with a new acquisition tool. Opting in only takes seconds, and there’s no maintenance required. So, what are you waiting for? Millions of people in the beauty and wellness community are ready to find businesses just like yours.


*Mindbody app August 2020 usage data

**2019 Mindbody app consumer survey


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