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The flowers are starting to open, the birds are starting to chirp, and the sun is starting to shine; summer is just around the corner and you know what that means – here comes the bride!

With June holding the title of most popular month to marry, the summer months are notoriously synonymous with weddings. According to a recent survey conducted by The Knot nearly 40% of all couples nation-wide opt to wed during the sunny months. The brides are lining up to be wed, but is your spa lined up for the brides?

Single-handedly they can make or break any bridal experience – we’re talking spa bridal packages. In this article, we’ll explore some spa bridal packaging tips to make sure your spa is the bridal destination this season.

Tip 1: Consider Offering Preferred Pricing for Group Rates

They laugh when she laughs, they cry when she cries, they’re the supporting beams of the entire operation – they’re the bridesmaids. Considering providing a special group rate for your spa bridal packages is a great way to get all the bridesmaids involved.

It pays to give a little and get a lot. Establishing group rates on your spa bridal packages can help secure your spa as the hot spot for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and/or bridesmaid gifts. This not only brings more profits your way, but also new potential customers. As they say, the more the merrier.

Tip 2: Combat Summer Beauty Hazards

Summer weather may exude a certain blissfulness, but sadly summer beauty is far from carefree. Summer brides often worry about skincare nightmares like breakouts and rashes that can come with extreme summer heat and humidity. The indoors is no escape. Excessive air conditioning can equally dry out and damage a bride’s complexion.

This is disconcerting news for brides, but a great opportunity for spas. It’s important you address these summer time skin disasters in your spa bridal packages. Here is your time to reassure her that the skin treatments in your packages will keep her skin fresh and radiant on her big day, regardless how hot the day gets or how hard that AC blows.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget the Groom

Let’s be honest, when we think weddings we immediately think “bride”. Most beauty businesses follow this mentality and tend to focus on services for brides and bridesmaids. However, that’s only half the wedding party. Don’t forget about the groom and the groomsmen!

Typically spas find that women make up their regular clientele, but a recent article in New York Daily News expresses how more than ever before “men are venturing into salons and spas.” Spas across the nation are responding to this growing sentiment and creating groom oriented packages like “Groomed Groom”, “De-Stressed and Dashing”, and “Pride in Your Stride.”

It’s okay to focus more on her, you should, BUT don’t forget about him! Having a few packages that are catered to the groom can help you tap into a new, growing client pool.

Tip 4: Spread the Word Far and Wide

You might offer the best spa bridal packages out there, but if no one knows about them what good does it do you? As a rule of thumb, the amount of time you spend planning your packages should be equal to the amount of time promoting. Here are a few channels you might want to consider using:

  • Flyers and Postcards: Go the old fashion route. Crafting informative flyers or postcards are a great way to make clients aware of any spa bridal packages you’re offering. Place them at your checkout desk so they won’t be missed.
  • Email Marketing: Get some one-on-one conversations going through email. Email marketing is a perfect way to keep your clients in the know about your spa bridal packages. Clients themselves might find the information useful, or they can forward your email to any brides they may know. Email marketing helps you reach all of those “friends of a friend” you might not have gotten in touch with normally.
  • Social Media: A picture is worth a thousand words. We can talk up our spa bridal packages till we’re blue in the face, but utilizing social media allows us to show brides what we have to offer. Make sure you not only write about your spa bridal packages across social media forums, but also post lots of pictures! Show brides the euphoric experience they’ll receive at your spa.

The Bottom Line

The start of bridal season marks a huge sales opportunity for spas. So, if you remember to consider setting group rates, keeping your spa bridal packages season oriented, remembering about the groom, and talking about your packages in any way you can, you’ll be seeing green this summer in more ways than one.

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