Put Sparkle in the Holidays with Seasonal Displays

Kate Rankin

Holiday displays for spas and salons

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. One way to attract new clients to your spa or salon -- or to just spread seasonal cheer -- is by decorating your business with a well-designed holiday display.

There are good reasons to spruce up your space during the holidays. You can:

  • Draw in Passersby. An eye-catching holiday display may be just what is needed to get customers stopping by your business and discovering what the services you have to offer.
  • Attract Attention. Some of you may be struggling to get customers to notice and remember where you’re located. Beautiful and memorable decorations can make your facility stand out from the rest, changing your spa or salon from one that blends in to a destination clients will notice and remember throughout the year.
  • Improve Employee Morale. I’m sure most of your staff enjoy a more relaxed, festive atmosphere during the holiday season. Improved employee morale may translate into happier practitioners who feel valued, are more dedicated to your business, and deliver greater productivity.
  • Create a Sense of Community. As you work with the other businesses around you, you may find that several of them are working together to have a bigger, collective impact on making your community feel integrated and festive. You might want to join them!

Now is the time to think about holiday décor and how your spa or salon environment can influence your clients’ experience with your business – and your bottom line. Have you thought about what sort of things would make them feel most comfortable, relaxed, and festive? Maybe some holiday music, scented candles, and apple cider or hot cocoa will create the ambiance you’re seeking and encourage them to buy.

Take a good look at your retail area. It should be clean, inviting, and easy for clients to navigate as they shop. Also, make it a point to rearrange and redo your retail area every four to six weeks. This will make it look fresh every time your clients return and will allow you to highlight new products in key spots.

Here are some other tips for optimizing your retail displays this season:

  • Contact your product vendors and sales reps to see what promotions they will be offering for holiday. Most major manufacturers have holiday product displays and packages that look great on the shelves while offering attractive value to your clients.
  • Place signage at the front desk. Use 5x7 framed signs to feature current promotions, a new product, a slow seller, a sale, or anything you want your customers to know about. Like the items on your retail shelves, this sign should be changed frequently. Use bold colors and bigger text to draw attention to the signs you make.
  • Put your styling stations to work. While you have a captive audience, don’t waste the chance to use small 4x5 signs in between stations, on the wall, or at the station if there is room. You can use this valuable area to promote retail products or service offerings.
  • Don’t forget the backbar. Always use the products you sell at the backbar and make sure they are displayed neatly to entice clients to buy.
  • Leverage any window space you have by displaying gift ideas. Get tables and dress them festively. Create special gift sections by price point; say, gifts under $20, $30, $40.
  • Display gifts for the men in your clients’ lives: shaving cream, razors, men’s body wash and hand lotion. 
  • Don’t forget about teenagers. They always appreciate lip glosses, nail polish collections, eye shadow kits, and mini travel kits.

Once you have your salon or spa looking festive and all your holiday merchandise is out, post pictures of your selections on all your social media outlets. Let people know you have gift ideas. Use your vendors’ photos and include them in emails, your website, your blog, and visual social channels like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

For even more holiday promotion tips, check out our guide.

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