Salon Credit Card Processing: 3 Reasons for Going Mobile

John Rigo

salon credit card processing

Mobile payment options. In today’s day and age, they’re becoming equally essential to small businesses as something as basic as the cash register. Mobile payment options are just something that today’s clients expect. It brings them a level of convenience they demand. And when that convenience is not found, it’s what causes them to give the competitor next door a second look.

So, how about it? Earlier in the month we introduced you to all the benefits of mobile payments for small businesses. Did you implement mobile payments at your salon yet? Hopefully you did! Hopefully you’ve turned your tablet or smartphone into a fully functional payment taking machine. However, maybe you still remain unconvinced. Regardless, in today’s post we’re going to go through real life situations and how mobile payments can lead your salon to a higher quality of service AND a higher bottom line profit.

So, whether you’ve got you’re mobile payments all set up and are looking for the perfect situations to use them, or you’re looking for a little more proof mobile payments will work to aid your salon — sit back, strap in, and let’s go over 3 real life scenarios where your salon credit card processing would have been better with a mobile option.

Scenario #1: I Don’t Have Enough Cash On Me

If you’re like many local salons you probably offer a hand full of on-location based services. Or maybe you’re a mobile salon with only on-location based services. Either way, we both know that when you or a stylist is on the go, you can’t really fit the entire cash register in your bag and take it with you. When your salon credit card processing lacks a mobile payment option for on-location situations it can be a bit of a hiccup.


One of your stylists has a 1pm on-location lash extension, today. She’s applying a full set of lashes so it’s going to take a little on the longer side. She’s scheduled from 1pm to 3pm. Your stylist arrives, is personable, friendly, applies the extensions, and the client is left with a smile on her face and beautiful, long looking lashes. Now comes the part all your stylists seem to dread — the payment.

A two hour, full set extension can range anywhere between $100 and $200 plus tip, depending on your location. Most people don’t carry that much cash on them. So, your stylist's client whips out her credit card. Now, your stylist has to tell her client she can’t pay with the option of her choice. What’s your stylist going to do? Ask her to write out a check? If the goal was to seem outdated — mission accomplished.


With Mobile Payments: Just as before the service itself went swimmingly, BUT with mobile payments it went smoothly all the way through the end, payment and all. This time when the client whips out her credit card, your stylist takes out her smartphone with the credit capture attached. One swipe, one signature, one emailed receipt, and your done. A truly seamless and pleasurable customer experience from start to finish.

Scenario #2: Missed Upsell Opportunity

A purchase of a service or product is great. However, that purchase plus an additional one is even better. Mastering an upsell technique can be tricky, but can totally be done… especially with the right tools at your disposal.


Your stylist’s 11am is here. This client is a regular. She loves the quality of service you provide and the value you provide it at. She’s in today for a routine wash and blowout. Nothing crazy. She requests her usual, favorite shampoo, conditioner, has her hair washed and then receives a stunning blowout. Your stylist then rings up her client, the client pays for the blowout, and leaves  with gorgeous hair.


What’s wrong with this scenario? Everything seemed to have gone perfectly. Service was good, the client left happy. What could have possibly gone differently?

With Mobile Payments: So, nothing in the above scenario went wrong, it just could have been better. As stated in the above scenario this client is a regular and she uses her same “usual, favorite” hair products. If you’re like most salons you probably sell many of the products you use.

Smart payment types like mobile payments allow you to quickly and easily access your client’s customer records. So, while your stylist is ringing up her client she’ll be able to clearly see that each and every visit this client requests the same shampoo/conditioner. With that knowledge right at her fingertips, your stylist can feel more comfortable suggesting an upsell with the service. So, say for this example suggesting to the client to purchase a bottle of her favorite shampoo/conditioner. Bottom line: greater insights that come with mobile payments can help make upsells more successful and thus generate your salon greater profits.

Scenario #3: No Inventory Knowledge = Less Retail Sales

You have tons of different gels, shampoos, conditioners, and various other beauty products on your shelf ready for purchase. It’s simply impossible for your stylists to manually keep track of your inventory. However, just a little bit of inventory insight could lead to a lot of extra revenue.

So, in this example we’re going to use the same basic set up as scenario #2.


  • Loyal customer
  • Coming in for blowout
  • Has a favorite shampoo/conditioner

However, this time your client knows what she wants and what she wants is to purchase a bottle of the shampoo she can’t get enough of. Now your stylist still needs to finish up with this client, quickly ring her up, and move into her next appointment. She doesn’t know for certain that there is anymore of that specific shampoo left in stock but she’s pretty sure she hasn’t seen any recently. So, she saves herself sometime and tells the client that you’re all out. Your client pays, your client leaves, and low and behold you actually do have the shampoo in stock. Whoops…


With Mobile Payments: Smart payment options like mobile payments are completely synced with your inventory. So, when a client asks about a product, your stylist quickly searches on her payment tablet and can determine with confidence whether or not the desired item is in stock or not. This works to both save your stylist time on looking and will help make missed opportunities like in the above scenario a thing of the past.


Looking to bring your salon credit card processing to the mobile frontier? See how Booker can help!

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