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Aditi Vora

Time and money are extremely valuable for anyone that owns or runs a small business. Time is the great intangible that some people just can’t get enough of. Money is…well; we could all use some more money.

With so much of your time dedicated to simply running a business, your head is stuck on sales, employees, and your customers. Marketing is sometimes treated as an afterthought. If you’re barely thinking about what you’re investing in your marketing, you’re obviously thinking even less about how it’s performing.

Lo and behold, the vicious cycle of marketing: Where you spend on a marketing campaign, fail to spend any resources to analyze it, hope for the best, and then see a poor return on your investment. Rinse. Repeat.  

With the average small business spending around $5,000 a year on their marketing efforts, it’s worth taking a glimpse into how those marketing dollars are performing.

 Checking the performance of your marketing can save you both time and money by giving you a clear picture of what method works and doesn’t work, what type of initiative yielded results in the form of greater bookings or sales, and whether you should be expanding your marketing to scale with the size of your growing business. All of these measurements are extremely useful and can help you when making budgetary decisions.

We understand what it’s like to market on a budget!

Too busy to sit and make a list of every single marketing tactic you might be pouring your money into? Forgetting that you put out that ad in your local newspaper last month?   

With the help of smart tools, like a marketing analytics dashboard, you could take all the guesswork out of tracking your marketing.

With a marketing analytics tool, you’ll be able to keep track of the following:

  1. Print Ads
  2. Online Ads
  3. Online Directories
  4. Website Traffic
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Social Media
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Linkedin
    4. Instagram
    5. Pinterest
  7. Affiliate Promotional Programs
    1. Groupon
    2. LivingSocial

Tools like Booker’s Business Intelligence dashboard sync up directly to your management platform and will give you a real-time tracking of every little marketing campaign you might be engaging in.

This tool makes life for a busy small business owner extremely easy and seamless. With everything in one place, you’ll be able to see what social campaign translated to a new booking, which online advertisement led to a purchase at your business, which online directory brought on more new  clients.

Take it from us, analyzing your marketing will only help your business. You'll know where your customers are coming from, which marketing channels your prospective and existing customers are most likely to respond to, and whether or not your hard-earned dollars are being put to good use! 

About the Author

Aditi Vora

Aditi Vora is a skilled digital marketer with a passion for content marketing and exploring new and fun ways to keep her audience informed and engaged. She's currently the Senior Manager of Content at <a href="" style="color: #2e9bd8">Booker Software</a>.

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