Share Your Dharma with Social Bookings

Barry Eichner

Social Class Bookings for Yoga

Sharing your yoga philosophy, or dharma, has become so much simpler in our social media world.

In 2013, more than 87% of small businesses were using some sort of social media.  This number is up from the 10% that were using social media in 2008.  While more and more businesses are using social media, studies have shown that more and more people are engaging in conversations on social media platforms.  57% of all American adults are using Facebook, and 79 million people are using it daily.  It’s smart business to use social media to help fill your classes. 

Online booking can leverage social media to help you improve the level of customer service you’re able to provide to your students.  You can also harness the power and reach of some of the world’s most popular social networking sites to help fill your yoga classes. 

Just 10 years ago, customer referrals and testimonials generally happened in person and between just two people.   With the rise of social media, consumer behavior has shifted dramatically. Now a yoga student can recommend a studio or share a testimonial on a one-to-many basis, reaching hundreds if not thousands of potential students in their social network. 

Because social media is the new virtual word of mouth, it’s smart to connect with students on social where it’s easy for them to share with followers and friends. Giving students the ability to see your schedule and book classes from your social accounts provides an additional level of convenience—they don’t even have to leave the network to enroll. It also provides more chances for them to drive engagement with your studio, whether they sign up for additional classes themselves or refer their friends and followers to your studio.

With a social booking app, students can book classes and workshops right from your Facebook Page. Specific classes can also be shared on any of their social media platforms. You can invite your teachers to promote their classes on social with a link to your studio’s Facebook booking app.  If you’re bringing in any guest instructors who may be leading workshops, they’ll also be able to encourage signups through your social booking app. Lastly, providing a social booking option makes it easy for students to encourage their friends to join them in their favorite class. 

You’re probably already posting about your classes and special events on social media, so why not streamline the process for your students with social bookings? Having a social booking option is also a great way to get new students in the door with social advertising. Social ad targeting has become very sophisticated, allowing local business owners to geo-target students with specific interests (yoga) in specific areas (your city or region). The fewer steps you require an end user to take, the more likely you’ll be to drive new bookings and business for your studio.

Social media is changing the manner in which consumers interact with their peers and with businesses.  If you help make their social experience more interesting and relevant, your studio will prosper and you’ll be able to spread your dharma farther.  

About the Author

Barry Eichner

Barry Eichner, founder of Barry Eichner Consulting, specializes in articulating a spa's online presence through web site development, search engine optimization, blogging, e-mail marketing and social media. He has over 20 years of experience in marketing strategy, implementation, and consulting of beauty based businesses. Find out more about Barry by visiting

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