Spa and Salon Roundup: How Spa-Goers Use Social Media

Ashley Taylor Anderson

Spa client social media trends

We know it’s impossible to keep up with all of the trends in the beauty and wellness industries. That’s why we’ve cherry-picked the articles from this week that matter most for salon and spa professionals like you.

[Social Media] How Consumers Use Social Media to Connect with Spas

Source: International Spa Association (ISPA)

ISPA’s most recent Consumer Snapshot Initiative revealed some very interesting trends in social media behaviors among spa-goers. Some of the trends they gleaned during their survey include:

  • 53% of female spa-goers and 55% of male spa-goers have researched a spa on social.
  • 22% of female spa-goers and 35% of male spa-goers have booked a spa treatment on social.
  • 29% of female spa-goers and 38% of male spa-goers have reviewed a spa experience on social.
  • 39% of female spa-goers and 34% of male spa-goers have entered to win a spa treatment on social.

Why It Matters: This study reveals some very interesting trends in female versus male spa client behaviors on social. While both are using social media to research spas, male clients are more likely to book an appointment on social. This points to the convenience and privacy of online booking, which may be an added draw for male spa-goers. The even more interesting trend concerns reviews: More male clients have reviewed a spa on social than females, which goes against other research showing that women are more likely to review businesses on Facebook than men.

[Loyalty] Build Loyalty by Activating the Senses

Source: Spa Show USA

Client loyalty is essential to all service-based businesses, especially salons and spas. One of the biggest ways you can set your beauty business apart from your competitions is by providing excellent customer service.

One way to think about customer service is treating it like an activation of the senses.

  • Hear: What do clients hear when they call or come into your location?
  • Touch: Can clients touch or sample your products?
  • See: Are your displays and treatment areas pleasing to the eye and clean?
  • Taste: Do you offer free beverages or snacks?
  • Smell: Is your space filled with soothing smells?

Why It Matters: Everything your clients experience, from the music you play to the towels you use to the way you display your retail items, can impact how clients feel about your spa or salon—and whether they want to return again. The first step to driving repeat business and fostering loyalty is to ensure that every aspect of your clients’ visit is exceptional.  

[Skin Care] Top 10 Skincare Trends for 2015

Source: Skin Inc®

The beauty industry is turning its sights toward the New Year. Skin Inc predicts that the follow 10 trends will be hot with skincare professionals in 2015.

  1. Social beauty and selfies.
  2. Depression awareness.
  3. Internal health and nutrition.
  4. Purity and quality of products.
  5. Virtual consultations.
  6. Customization of treatments based on heritage.
  7. Global inspiration.
  8. Tanning goes by the wayside.
  9. Increased legislative awareness.
  10. The rise of retail.

Why It Matters: All of these trends can have a financial impact on your business if you tap into them for the New Year. For example, you may want to adjust your inventory to start stocking vitamins and supplements, natural skincare products, and UVA-UVB-protecting moisturizers and creams. You may also want to consider how to use technology to boost your business, whether it’s sharing customer selfies on Instagram and Facebook or offering client consultations via Skype between in-person visits. The possibilities are boundless—so consider what makes sense for your spa and get creative!

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