Spa and Salon Roundup: Succeeding with Social Media

Ashley Taylor Anderson

We know it’s impossible to keep up with all of the news in the beauty and wellness industries. That’s why we’ve cherry-picked the articles from this week that matter most for salon and spa professionals like you.

[Marketing] Succeeding with Social Media

Source: Stylist Newspapers

Your clients are using social media on a daily basis. You know your spa or salon needs to be a part of the conversation if it hasn’t joined already. But entering the social media world without clear objectives and a plan can lead to lots of wasted time and little payoff.

Before jumping into the social media foray, here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Look at how other businesses similar to yours are running their social media programs.
  • Identify a few social media platforms to join based on your customers’ interests and your business’s offerings.
  • Know what your goals are and choose the best platforms for achieving those goals.
  • Use a consistent tone and style on all channels.
  • Social media is an investment—in time, research, and money.
  • Soft launch your social media program before you start posting regularly.
  • Direct clients to your accounts and test some social ads to grow your following.
  • Monitor your channels closely for comments, and make sure to set aside time to interact with other followers as well.
  • Post content frequently and always keep it professional.

Why It Matters: While there may be some social media haters out there (Marc Jacobs, ahem), they are certainly in the minority. Joining social media can benefit your business in a number of ways: It can increase your brand exposure, explore your followers’ interests, and hearing constructive feedback from customers to help you improve your services. Set aside staffing and financial resources for your social media program, and develop your plan around your business goals and customer behavior, and you’ll be off on a grand social adventure in no time.

[Reviews] 5 Tips to Get Yelp Reviews That Win New Clients

Source: Massage Magazine

Almost every consumer today, regardless of age, uses review sites like Yelp to research local businesses. Having a library of positive reviews can help sway readers to choose your business over your competitors'.

So how do you get positive reviews on Yelp and other review sites? It all starts with providing great services and a quality customer experience. Beyond that, here are 5 additional pointers to help you leverage reviews to drive new business:

  1. Don’t post fake reviews. Someone is bound to find out, and it will destroy your credibility with current customers and prospects.
  2. Don’t incentivize positive reviews. This is against most review sites’ terms of service, and it reflects poorly on your company.
  3. Let clients know you have a Yelp page. You can put a badge on your website, put a decal in your window, or even have a “review us on Yelp” line on your receipts.
  4. Take ownership of your listing. This allows you to update your basic business information and respond to reviews.
  5. Ask clients where they heard about you. Clients who found you on Yelp will be more likely to review you there, too.  

Why It Matters: Having a strong base of positive online reviews can strongly influence potential new clients. To encourage your customers to leave online reviews, remind them during your in-person and online interactions, and claim all of your listings sites so you can respond to customer feedback.  

[Sales] 3 Tips for Upselling Waxing Services

Source: Skin Inc.

Waxing is one of the lowest overhead, highest profit spa and salon services. Most beauty businesses have waxing featured on their menu, but clients don’t always book waxing services ahead of time.

Upselling may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s an easy way to increase the ticket value of each client who comes in. Here are 3 tips to help you upsell waxing services:

  1. Rethink your attitude. Upselling doesn’t have to be a “would you like fries with that?” kind of experience. Recommending additional treatments to your clients is actually a valuable service your technicians can provide. Your customers already rely on your expertise to guide their beauty decisions; upselling is a natural extension of this mentor role.
  2. Take a fresh approach. Train your technicians on how to find appropriate ways to upsell during treatments like facials or massages with an open-ended, no–pressure offer.
  3. Follow through with retail product upsells that can help clients make the most of their waxing services.

Why It Matters: As winter finally fades away in the warm glow of spring, your clients’ attentions will turn to waxing. Make it easy for them to get smooth, sun-ready skin by upselling them on treatments during other services, or suggesting a waxing service when they rebook their next appointment. Keep in mind that many clients who may be interested in waxing services may be too shy to book one in advance; asking them in a casual way during another service may be just the opportunity they need to say yes to something they actually want. 

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