Spa Marketing Ideas to Attract Valentine’s Day Clients

Kate Rankin

Spa marketing ideas for valentine's day

Nothing says “indulgence” more than a sensual, sensory set of spa Valentine’s Day services.

With this year’s Day of Love looming around the calendar corner, I thought I’d share some spa marketing tips with you to entice and delight your spa clients.

Make Your Spa Menu Sumptuous

You should start by adding some Valentine’s Day flair to your spa menu. Here are few ways to do this:

  • In each of your service departments, select a treatment that has moderate demand and detailed protocols, and then tailor it to the holiday by adding ingredients, such as strawberries, chocolate, champagne or roses.
  • Use words in treatment descriptions that evoke love, romance, passion, companionship, or celebration.
  • Create guys-only menu items using words like “natural,” “exfoliation,” “cleansing,” “self-care,” “active” and “energy.”

Client Appreciation

Looking for some special ways to show your clients some love? Here are a few marketing ideas you can use for client appreciation leading up to Valentine’s Day:

  • Prepare 28 sentiments about how much you care about your clients or about the customer service promises you make in your business. Post one of these on your Facebook and Twitter pages every day in February.
  • Use your website and Facebook Page to encourage online spa booking.
  • Double your loyalty points or rewards for all product and services purchases by your most loyal customers in February.
  • Send a paper Valentine to your most loyal customers by mail.
  • Use your spa management software to create a special Valentine’s Day email greeting for your clients.
  • Make Valentine’s Day gift suggestions.

Spoil Singles on Valentine’s Day

Did you know that the Census Bureau identified 105 million unmarried people in America 18 years old and older?* Although many of them may be attached or have a significant other in their lives, there’s a tremendous opportunity for your spa to cater to a huge segment of your clientele! Here are some ideas that might lure them in:

  • Host a single Ladies’ Night featuring massages, facials and mani/pedis with chocolates and pink champagne. Give each lady a rose as they leave.
  • Offer a Treat Yourself package. When a client books an appointment, take 15% off a service or treatment for the entire month of February.
  • Host a Guys Night, featuring services like a 30-minute “Sports Massage” or “Handyman Manicure.” Have men’s grooming tools available for purchase, and give out cigars. Invite a local microbrewery to come and offer beer tastings between services.

Coddle the Couples

Your Valentine’s Day business may get an added boost this year since the occasion falls on a Saturday, lending itself to an extended celebration. Be prepared with some special couples offers, such as:

  • A “Happy Together” package that includes side-by-side massages, use of a private spa or steam room, plus champagne and truffles.
  • Aromatherapy massages, champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries as part of a romantic couples ritual.
  • Relaxing and rejuvenating body wraps plus customized deluxe facials and massages for two.

Sweet Sentiments for Your Staff

Studies continue to show us that engaged employees—those who see themselves as aligned and connected with the brand and culture of their business—are happier and more likely to deliver exceptional customer service. Your customers are more likely to feel nurtured by your business when your employees do, too! During February, you could:

  • Send Valentines or notes of appreciation to your staff noting personal traits and talents you appreciate.
  • Post customer raves about staff members on social media and in employee break and lunch areas.
  • Hold a Valentine’s Day luncheon or send chocolates or flowers to each employee at home.

Romancin’ Your Spa Retail

Your spa’s atmosphere plays a big role in your clients’ decision to make retail purchases. Here are some ways to achieve the right romancing mood and boost your retail sales:

  • Add Valentine cards or tags to your gift certificates, gift certificates and even retail products to help clients see them as Valentine’s Day gifts. You know that your gift certificates make great gifts, but unless you make it obvious to customers, they aren’t likely to think about giving them. 
  • Is one of your clients a florist, jeweler or caterer? If so, maybe you can create a cross-promotion opportunity for Valentine’s Day. For instance, work with a client who owns a catering company to supply the finger foods, or one who is a jewelry vendor to come in and showcase some sparkling treasures.
  • Men’s grooming gadgets make great Valentine’s Day gifts; pre-package them and display them near your checkout area.
  • Create a display of lip glosses, hair accessories or other items that would make good Valentine gifts for parents to give their teenaged daughters.
  • Use signage and custom Valentine’s Day cards so that clients see your gift certificates, products or gift baskets as gifts for teachers, coaches, and grandparents.

I hope these marketing tips come in handy this Valentine’s Day as you indulge your clients’ senses and increase your revenue stream.

If you want to learn more about how Booker can help you market your spa this Valentine’s Day, check out our tip sheet.

Spa marketing ideas for valentine's day

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