Tattoo Shop Reviews: 3 Reasons Online Reviews Mean Everything

Erica Brooke Fajge

tattoo shop reviews

Did you know that approximately 88% of customers look to online reviews when choosing a local business? This means that if your shop is NOT encouraging clients to post reviews online and is NOT considering the value of online reviews, you could be losing new clients every day.

Think back to when you got your first tattoo: Did you just randomly walk into a shop and decide to get one (okay, so that could have happened during a wild night out with friends), or did you turn to tattoo shop reviews and do some research into the right shop? Probably (hopefully…) the latter.

Since reading about another’s positive experience is likely to influence someone to pick your shop over a nearby competitor, check out these three reasons why tattoo shop reviews can mean the difference between tons of clients and slow days.

1. Tattoo Shop Reviews... Help New Clients Flock to You

Getting a tattoo is not like getting your hair cut. If you don’t like your haircut, it will grow out, but you can’t say the same for tattoos. They are permanent. So, the majority of potential clients will want to read about others’ positive experiences before deciding which shop to use. Would-be clients are searching for a place that can deliver the design they are looking for and, more importantly, can do the job safely with the most sanitary materials. The best way to find out is to read about others’ experiences.

2. Tattoo Shop Reviews... Generate Word-of-Mouth

Once a client leaves your shop satisfied, they are likely to tell friends or coworkers about her experience. But you’d be surprised how online reviews can generate positive word-of-mouth even before a potential client has visited your shop. Say two buddies are talking out where to get their next tattoo. If your shop has made online reviews readily available, it’s likely that the one friend will tell his buddy about the good things he has heard about your shop. Online reviews naturally lead to word-of-mouth.

3. Tattoo Shop Reviews... Boost Your Online Presence

Online reviews will enable more people to find out about your shop, plain and simple. How so? Having clients post reviews to sites like Yelp, for example, will increase your rankings in search engines like Google. When someone searches for local tattoo parlors, those reviews will show up most likely on the first page of listings. This helps to increase your shop’s online presence and get your name out there.


Now that you know how tattoo shop reviews can help generate new business for your shop, if you start focusing on obtaining them you’ll quickly see how more and more clients ended up at your doors. And new clients can become repeat clients (after all, tattoos can become addicting; it’s hard to get just one!), which means even more business. But first, you need to learn exactly how to get tattoo shop reviews and where are the best places for clients to post that feedback. Stay tuned to Booker for my follow-up post to get your questions answered.


How have your tattoo shop reviews helped boost business at your shop? Comment below!


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Erica Brooke Fajge

Erica Brooke Fajge is a contributing author for Booker by MINDBODY. She has extensive experience in the tech and digital marketing industries, specifically in web content, online publishing, and startups. Erica also shares her expertise as an adjunct instructor at the Fox School of Business at Temple University in Philadelphia, where she teaches Business Communications in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

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