The Four Emails You Need to Be Sending Out

Aditi Vora

There are many different ways to continue keeping in touch with your existing customers, after that initial purchase. What about those prospective customers that haven’t quite made the purchase yet?

According to a recent study, email is still the most effective channel for direct marketing, despite all the other methods, technologies, and social platforms. Sending out email campaigns to your existing and prospective customers helps to entice them to come back to your small business, repeat a purchase, make a first time purchase, showcase great customer service, and ultimately help to promote customer loyalty. We’ve gone through ways you can start your email marketing strategy and build your email list, today we’ll run through important emails you should be sending out.

There are three very important emails that you need to be sending out to your customers, both current and future:

1.The Introductory Email

This email is a good way to start engaging any new contact you may have met, or been referred to. It’s a chance to introduce your business, your service and product offerings, along with anything special you’d like to convey to them in order to distinguish yourself from the competition. We all know that you’ve got that competitive edge, here’s a good place to advertise it.

2.The Follow-Up “Thank You” Email

This is the email that comes after the initial appointment that you have completed with a customer. After they’ve spent their time with you, purchased the service, it’s good to stay on top of their mind, well after the appointment. With the help of email marketing, you’ll be opening a line of communication with an existing customer that is more likely to buy from you again, than a new customer.

Remember: It costs 5-10 times more to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. Leverage your existing customers and make sure you’re always catering to them. A good way to do this is with the help of email marketing.

3.The Promotional Email

This might be the most important email that you ever send out. This email goes out to both your existing customers and your prospective ones. Promotional emails help to drive extra traffic back to your booking page, drive sales, and help to bring new customers into the fold. Between offering discounts to your repeat customers, and offering specials for the newbies that haven’t quite made it to your business, you’re more than likely to see some old (and hopefully new!) faces walk back through your doors.

4.The “We Miss You” Email

What about those one-time only customers that you haven’t seen in a while? Has it been longer than a month, are they due for another visit? This is a great time to send out a “We Miss You” email and remind them to book another appointment and make a repeat visit. As long as you’re continuing to stay top-of-mind with all of your customers, you’re increasing the chances of them making their way back to your business.  

Want a more in-depth look into how to achieve email marketing success? Check out our guide

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Aditi Vora

Aditi Vora is a skilled digital marketer with a passion for content marketing and exploring new and fun ways to keep her audience informed and engaged. She's currently the Senior Manager of Content at <a href="" style="color: #2e9bd8">Booker Software</a>.

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