The Salon and Spa Owner's Guide to Choosing a Payment System

As the owner of a salon or spa, you are handling two very different aspects of your business daily. 

There are the aspects that inspired you to start your business: the services you offer, the people you hire, the schedule you keep and the atmosphere you create for your team and your clients.

And then there are the decisions you have to make — like choosing a provider for payment processing.

This one decision will play a role every single time you take a credit card at your business. It will determine how much you end up paying on each card transaction and will determine how vulnerable you are to losses from “chargebacks”. Not to mention the cost of no-shows if it is not integrated to your scheduling system. This means that this one decision will have an impact in every transaction - every day you are in business. In an era when credit card breaches often make headlines, your choice of payment partner impacts how you keep your customers and your business safe from security threats.

In this guide, we’ll explain what’s important to factor into your decision about credit card processing so you can make a choice that prepares your business for success.

About the Author

Amy Saunders

Amy is a content marketer who gets both the content and the marketing. As a reporter and editor turned marketer and business owner, she creates blog posts, e-books, website copy, emails, and social posts that simultaneously serve business goals and actual people. She built the foundation of her career as a reporter at The Columbus Dispatch, where she was named best feature writer in Ohio by the Associated Press. Since then, she has worked for a leading content marketing agency, where she wrote and edited health care content for hospital systems, and for the SaaS company Infusionsoft, where she focused on digital marketing advice for small business owners. She brings those strategies to life in overseeing all marketing for Strolleria, the baby-gear retailer she and her husband started in 2016. Whether she's writing about technology, health, strollers or anything in between, she translates complex topics into engaging content that helps people make sense of the world around them.

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