Valentine's Day Marketing Turns Profits From Red to Green

Tanisha George
Valentine's Day Marketing stats and trends 2013

Valentine’s Day is the first spending holiday of the year, which makes for a great opportunity to offer your clients themed offers and promotions.

We asked our salon and spa owners how they promoted their businesses leading up to Valentine’s Day 2014, and the results are in. 

The Gift of Love: Gift certificate sales skyrocket for Valentine’s Day. Booker’s customers sold more than $4M in gift certificates between January 1st and February 14th last year. This year, our customers are on track to exceed $7M in gift certificate sales. More than 50% of these gift certificates will be redeemed at least one month later, which gives a spa or salon a chance to rebook and upsell in the quieter months. 

Being on Target with Cupid: Salon and spa owners made it clear that offering multiple promotions to different target audiences can help grow your appointment book. An overwhelming 94% of survey respondents are currently running a Valentine’s Day promotion, and 68% of respondents offer packages for men. Many businesses entice consumers with packages that include champagne and/or chocolate with their Valentine’s services to create a more pampered experience.  

While general Valentine’s Day and men’s promotions are strong points, we found that some segments are being overlooked. Only one in four salons/spas market to couples, and only one third market to singles (but 54% want to try).  Why not create and run multiple packages that attract these different groups at the same time?

Love is in the Air: We all know that Valentine’s Day is one of the top days for proposals, but I bet you didn’t know where people are proposing. According to this survey, the massage table provides the perfect setting to pop the question. You can help to make that experience as perfect as possible by offering a proposal package that includes rose petals, champagne, candles, and flowers. 

Take a look at our infographic to discover more about this year’s Valentine’s Day trends. Are you on trend for success? Tell us how you’re making the day of love special in your salon/spa.


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Tanisha George

Tanisha George brings more than a decade of experience in the beauty industry to the Booker team, including an extensive background in salon operations, luxury brand management and customer experience. Prior to joining Booker, Tanisha spent four years at P&G-Frederic Fekkai training salon managers to run seven of the highest performing salons in the country. She also held executive positions at leading companies including L'Oreal and Limited Brands.

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