Online Booking Just Got a Makeover

We’re excited to share new Online Booking with you. The new design makes it more convenient and intuitive to book an appointment than ever before. We created these features to help make it easier and faster for your customers to book appointments with our new online booking flow. Simply select your service, select your staff and then select your time. 

So… which new features can you expect? 

1. New and improved service menu
Viewing the services you provide has become a more simplified process for your customers. The new online booking features a single page service menu which allows your customers to easily find the service they’re looking for as well as discover new services your business provides. 

2. Shine a spotlight on your amazing staff
Wouldn’t it be great for your customers to get to know your staff members during the booking process so they can pick the one best-suited for their needs? Well, now they can! 

You can now feature your staff with their photos and a brief bio about highlighting their background and the services they provide. When your customers are booking their appointments, this feature enables them to feel confident they are selecting the perfect staff member to suit their needs with the services they are looking for. This is also a great added benefit for your repeat customers who tend to see a certain staff member regularly, because this enhanced functionality simplifies the process of picking their favorite staff member. 

3. Finding an appointment time is easier than ever before 
You asked for a more streamlined way to allow your customers to find available time slots, and we delivered. Times are now organized by morning, afternoon and evening and based on a staff member’s specific availability. Our new calendar is also much easier to navigate as it has been designed to show the entire month.

4. Support small booking windows
We will now provide a special message to customers if you only allow bookings to be placed a certain amount of time in advance. This means, no surprise for customers if they are trying to book too far in advance. For instance, if your business does not allow customers to book more than 7 days in advance, they’ll receive a specialized message notifying them of that policy while they are navigating the calendar. 

We hope you are just as excited as we are about these new features! If you want to learn more about how these enhancements will benefit your business, visit our help center or comment below! 

About the Author

Denise Prichard

With over seven years of experience, Denise Prichard is an experienced content marketing professional with a penchant for writing compelling copy and content within the health, wellness and beauty industries. She graduated with a degree in English from Arizona State University in 2010 and currently runs her own blog, Fueled by Vegetables, a project that stems from her passion of living a healthy, joyful life and encouraging others to do the same. When she isn't writing or editing, you can find her teaching yoga classes throughout the valley, inventing yummy recipes and hanging out with her rescue pups, Eleanor and Stevie. She currently serves as the Content Marketing Specialist at MINDBODY and Booker by MINDBODY.

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