What’s New: June 23, 2020 Software Updates

As the way you need to run your salon or spa changes, your software needs to adapt, too. Our team is working hard to learn what’s important to clients and get a solid of understanding of what the new normal in beauty and wellness looks like. This work then helps to inform how we better our software. We’ve been hard at work building new features and improving on existing ones to support how you need to run your business now.

So, onto the updates!

Waitlists are even better

We know how important it is to have a reopening waitlist for your salon or spa. While we released waitlist functionality (both an appointment request waitlist and a walk-in waitlist) earlier this year, we’re continually working on improving it.

Still not comfortable with online booking? No problem. Waitlists allow you to offer "Appointment Requests." The Appointment Request functionality makes it possible for your clients to request a service, giving your business more control while still creating a smooth experience for your clients.

It’s now even easier for businesses to update service(s) in Booker to be bookable, request only, or call to request. Clients can now also leave notes as they request appointments, and these are automatically synced with the appointment.

With this new release, adding appointment requests and walk-ins into your calendar is easier, too.

Wave goodbye to paper waivers

There’s no need for your clients to use a shared tablet or clipboard to fill out forms or your COVID-19 waiver when they arrive. Now, with new client forms options, it’s easy to send forms and waivers to anyone who books a service, new clients only, or clients who book a service for the first time only—automatically.

Check out the new check-in

We’ve been talking a lot about the importance of the low-touch journey; your business is looking to reduce physical contact and risk everywhere it can. We’ve got another win for you.

Your clients can now officially (and safely) check in for their appointments with a text from outside your business with Bowtie, the AI receptionist. As you’re focused on keeping everyone socially distanced in your space, this is big.

This is a welcome change for your customers, too. In a recent survey, we asked consumers what changes are important when they’re deciding to visit a reopened beauty business. Sixty-nine percent said eliminating the in-store waiting area is important to them.

Plus, your team is alerted automatically when your clients check in this way. You won’t have eyes on them in a waiting area, but you know exactly when they arrive, and your staff can prepare for top-notch service.

Contactless checkout made easier

Now, when clients enter their credit card info to book online (from your website or an app), the card is automatically saved on file—meaning no germ-y credit card exchange is needed later. We’ve also added a banner to the Finish and Book page so your clients know that the card is on file, and they can expect a streamlined experience when they’re at your salon or spa.

Update your schedule with ease to accommodate cleaning time

You can now set up your services so that you always save extra time for cleaning after. In a time when cleaning your salon and spa is so important, this is a great way to alleviate worry about having back-to-back appointments without a moment to disinfect. Your schedule automatically sets aside cleaning time.

Keeping your team safer

Just as reducing touchpoints is important for clients, it’s also important for your employees. Earlier, we built a feature that allows your team to clock in from their own personal devices when they arrive at your business. Now, for our new point-of sale, we’ve also added the ability for your employees to add and redistribute tips from their personal devices as well. That means that employees can easily add a tip to an order paid via with a membership.

We’re back to work for now. More to come soon!

Check out the release notes for more info.

V1 release notes.

V2 release notes.

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