Why Your Tattoo Shop Needs Online Booking

Aditi Vora

There’s so much that goes into bringing a tattoo design to life. The last thing you want to worry about is listening to your phone ring off the hook because letting go of that tattoo machine is not an option.

Let the magic continue to flow from your fingertips and don’t let the daily struggles of managing your appointments get in the way of your passion.

Not enough of a draw for you? Check out 6 reasons your tattoo shop needs online booking and discover how it can help grow business:

1. Organize Your Appointments

For those days that you feel like you have too few, or too many, customers, using appointment scheduling software is an easy solution for organizing your appointments. With those days that bring in a heavy influx of customers at the same time, you don’t have to stress about making sense of your appointment book.

2. Prioritize Your Multi-Session Customers

These multi-session customers are putting a lot of trust in their preferred artist and your shop, it’s important to be able to prioritize their needs. With appointment scheduling, you’ll have the ability to toggle their appointments, plan in advance, and set alerts for anyone creating appointments, to make sure they’ll always be taken care of.

3. Reduce No-Shows and Take Deposits

Those no-show customers are costing you more money than you might think, leaving you and your artists unhappy. If you’re asking for deposits per booked appointment, you’ll reduce the risks of no-shows.

How about those big, multi-session projects? You can also accept deposits for those and reduce the risk of not getting paid for all the hard work you and your artists put in.

4. Allow Customers to Choose Their Preferred Artists

With online booking, you’ll easily have access to the calendars of your artists, ensuring that new and existing customers can pick and choose their preferred artists.

5. Avoid Project Overlaps

With your entire schedule at a glance, you’ll know exactly when you’re double booked and you’ll be able to avoid angry artists and optimize customer satisfaction.

6. Automate Reminders for Skin-Care and Proper Treatment

You can set automated reminders for all your customers to make sure they’re following the proper steps and guidelines, such as proper cleaning procedures, and avoiding ointments and bandages. The more communication you keep with your customers, the better their chances of healing properly!

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Aditi Vora

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