3 Most Common Fears That Keep Small Business Owners Up At Night

John Rigo

Ever feel like you just can’t get yourself to pack up at the end of the day? Work-life balance? You’ve never heard of it. As a small business owner you’re the first one to arrive at your shop and the last one to leave. You’re just too afraid to let your business out of your sights, so you end up being there all day.

We get it. Your small business, it’s like your child. You brought it into this world. You helped it take its first steps. You’ve watched it grow big and strong. That’s why, just like with any child you feel like you can never leave it unattended because in those 5 seconds that you’re disconnected catastrophe hits.

If you feel this way as small business owner, you’re not alone. Here are the 3 most common fears that keep small business owners up at night.

Fear #1: An Employee Calls Out Last Minute - You’ve finally convinced yourself it’s time to go home for the night and close up shop. You get home, try to settle in, unwind, spend time with the family, and then it happens. It’s late at night and your phone lights up. Oh no - it’s one of your employees. You know this can’t be good. They are scheduled to work tomorrow but they’re texting you to let you know that they’re sick and that there’s no way they can make it to work.

It’s late at night, you don’t have access to any of your employee records, availabilities, or schedules, and you’re facing an empty gap in your staffing. Without access to your employee records or schedules you have no idea who you can reach out to for coverage. What are you going to do now!?

Fear #2: Can’t Contact Customers in Emergencies - That employee who called out sick had a day filled with appointments. Even if you are able to get coverage from another staff member, you need to notify those customers who were booked with the former staff. You don’t run a big, cold corporation. You run a small business. You pride yourself on the deep connections your staff have with their clients. That’s why you know without a doubt you’ve got to let your customers know that their preferred staff member won’t be available for their appointment. You don’t want to just blindside them without someone else.

Remember - you’re at home, you don’t have access to your customer records. Chances are you didn’t memorize every customer’s contact information. Panic starts to set in. How are you going to get in contact with anyone?

Fear #3: Can’t Edit Any Appointments - When you’re at home you have no way of accessing your appointment schedule. So, in situations like the above, there’s no way for you to even implement any changes that need to be made. You’re hands are tied. Let’s say you have to shorten an employee's shift, or alter a customer’s appointment. At home you’ve lost the ability to implement any changes to your appointment scheduling. Considering that your appointments are the bread and butter to your business, that’s definitely a scary thought…


Do these nightmare scenarios sound all too familiar? Did we miss any that you have? Be sure to leave us a comment below!  


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