3 Reasons Live Chat is an Easy Way to Boost Your Sales

Arielle Hurst


Local businesses are great at creating personal, friendly experiences when customers walk into the door, but today most visitors first interact with a company online, long before they reach the storefront. This reality has made it necessary for small business owners to start recreating their welcoming environment online and focus on the digital customer experience.

Although this can be a challenge, here is a simple way small businesses can build a more engaging online presence that inspires customers to keep coming back: live chat. Live chat is an awesome addition to business websites because it gives potential customers a way to ask quick questions (win!); and gives businesses a way to influence their purchase with ready answers (win-win!). After all, engaged prospects are the same whether they’re participating in a live chat or picking your brain before a session. That’s why it makes sense that customers who chat are 3.5 times more likely to convert than those who don’t! (Internet Retailer, 2012)

At this point, the thought of increasing sales and improving your online presence sounds great, but not if it becomes another lengthy task on your to-do list. Luckily, there are three reasons why live chat is an easy website update that’s perfect for small businesses:

1. It’s easy to put on a website: Some live chat tools have quick integrations with popular website builders like WordPress and Shopify, so you don’t even have to contact your webmaster to incorporate live chat into your site. Even if an integration isn’t available, it only takes a couple minutes for web developers to add the JavaScript to your site and get the tool working.

2. It’s easy to take chats on the go: When you’re running a local business, you can’t spend all day chained to your desk answering chats! That’s why a couple live chat options offer mobile apps that let you (and your team) respond to chats directly from your phone or tablet. This way you can still offer awesome one-on-one support when you’re out in the field or in-between appointments.

3. It’s easy to afford: The price of live chat tools is all across the board but, fortunately, there are a few low-cost options that still have all the features small businesses need to increase sales. To track down the right solution for your budget, start by searching “free live chat software” and go from there.

The Bottom Line: Consumers are discovering local businesses online, so your website needs to give potential customers the same awesome experience an in-person visit would! Fortunately, live chat makes that incredibly easy for local business owners to achieve without breaking the bank or spending tons of time on technical implementation.

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Arielle Hurst

Arielle Hurst is the Content Manager and Business Development Manager at Pure Chat.

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