Why Your Salon or Spa Should Have the Booker Mobile App

If you're a salon or spa owner, chances are you're on your feet a majority of the day and you don’t spend much time behind a desk. You're more likely to be found conversing with clients, in the treatment room, styling behind the chair or creating a nail art masterpiece. Whether you're on the move at work or happily checking off things on your to-do list, bottom line: you're always on the go and convenience is king.

You have all these daily tasks to complete, but you also have a small business to run, a staff to manage and customers to accommodate. It may feel like there isn't enough time in the day to handle all your responsibilities and also get back to doing what you love  However, with the Booker Mobile app, you never have to deal with the anxiety of leaving your small business unattended ever again. As a salon and spa owner,  you should always have the power to manage and monitor your small business no matter where you happen to find yourself.  

Get back to doing what you love with the Booker Mobile app.

The Booker Mobile app allows you full access to your Booker account from the cloud on any device, at anytime. Imagine having the freedom to perform all essential client-facing tasks from anywhere, providing optimal convenience for you, your staff and your customers. Booker customers have 24/7 mobile access to all their key business data. They have the ability carry out daily business tasks from any internet-connected phone or tablet.

With our mobile calendar features, you can:

  • View and manage your entire appointment book.

  • Grant employees specific schedules and appointments.

  • View customer notes while booking or editing appointments.

  • Search for, edit, and manage appointments.

  • View any client’s particular staff preferences.

With our mobile Point-of-Sale features, you can:

  • Take payment with cash, gift cards, credit cards, series, credit accounts and checks.

  • Sell gift cards and appointment series.

  • Apply multiple payment methods to an order.

  • Override prices.

  • Print and email receipts.

With the app you'll also be able to:

  • Search your client list.

  • View full client profile details.

  • See previous appointments and orders for individual clients.

  • Access full customer notes, including progress, medication, and allergy information.

  • Tap to email or call clients.

Ready to take your salon or spa business to the next level with the Booker Mobile app? Download it for Android and iOS

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