3 Steps to Creating the Best Yoga Facebook Page

Justin Michael Williams
Facebook Page tips for yoga studio owners and managers

Fact: Your Facebook page can be more important than your website. Yes, I’m serious. Why? Think about it this way…

If I take Yogi Jane’s vinyasa class today, post about it on Facebook, and @tag her in the post, all of my friends and connections will see it. Since I @tagged Yogi Jane in my post, my connections can click on her name and be instantly directed to her Facebook page – not her website.

Potential students will often see your Facebook page before they arrive at your website, so if your page does not clearly illustrate what you have to offer, you could be missing out on a major opportunity. We’ve all heard the saying, “word of mouth is the best form of advertising.” In this example, I have personally promoted and endorsed Yogi Jane to all of my connections. If her page is unimpressive, my connections may never take the next step to see her website or take her class.

By creating a branded page, you can connect with your audience clearly and effectively. Here are my top 3 steps to creating the best yoga Facebook page.

Step 1: The Profile Photo

The most common mistake I see from yoga instructors on Facebook is profile photo selection. Your profile photo should always be a close-up headshot of your face. Not a yoga pose. One of the terms being used in marketing today is “uncomfortably close headshots.” Crop your photo to show just your head, neck, and shoulders. Potential students need to see a clear image of your energy and what you look like upon first glance without needing to enlarge the photo.

Step 2: The Cover Photo

Your cover photo is prime real estate on your Facebook page. The golden question for selecting a cover photo: What do you want people to instantly know about you upon viewing your page? Your cover photo should show it.

Yoga instructors often select photos of the ocean, flowers, their children, etc. While these photos are beautiful, they do not answer the golden question. If you’re a vinyasa instructor, select a photo of you in a powerful pose or teaching a class. If you’re a meditation teacher, select a photo of you leading a group meditation. Use your cover photo to creatively and visually show what you have to offer the world.

Step 3: The Info

Provide abbreviated information on your Facebook page so users can read about you quickly. Your Facebook page is not the place for your extended bio and life story. Instead, create a short version of your bio that gives users a clear description of who you are and what you have to offer within 5 sentences or less. Also, remember to fill out your About Me section completely. Include your email address, links to your website, and your class schedule directly on your page.

Take a moment to review your current Facebook page to see if it follows these three steps. The goal of these steps is to make it incredibly easy for users to get an accurate and clear illustration of what you have to offer. By offering yoga, you are helping to change people’s lives. Use these steps to make sure you never miss out on the opportunity to connect with an audience that needs your support.


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Justin Michael Williams

Justin Michael Williams will help you find your authentic voice and share it with the world. He is a vibrant public speaker, musician, and successful entrepreneur who travels the globe training the conscious community to thrive in marketing, media, and business. See more at www.justinmichaelwilliams.com.

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