3 Tips to Quickly Onboard New Stylists

Andrew Morris

There is a wealth of information here on the Booker blog that should help a salon grow their business through various marketing channels. When you successfully grow your business and client base, you will eventually need to hire new stylists to accommodate the influx of appointments be booked. Bringing a handful of new stylists onboard in a short timespan could be challenging because of the time it takes to train them and make sure that your loyal clients are happy with the services they provide. 

Invest in videos 

The thing that separates the best stylists from others is their ability to execute a consistent cut every single time. The good news however is that with adequate training, you could make each one of your stylists as good as your best one. One way to go about this is to capture your best stylists in action on video. An exhaustive video that shows your stylists executing the various cuts could be an extremely valuable onboarding tool for new stylists. 

Capturing your best stylists in action is also great from a marketing perspective. If your salon has its own YouTube channel or Instagram page, you could publish these videos online and potentially bring in a stream of new clients to your business. While there already may be generic training videos floating around the web, the purpose of capturing your own stylists on video is to help the new recruits learn the signature cuts and styles that is unique to your clientele. 

Hone their soft skills 

Being good at cutting or trimming is just one component of the job. Many times, a salon garners negative reviews on Yelp not because of a hairstyle-gone-wrong, but because the stylist was not attentive or was being rude. What makes a stylist truly great is being able to engage with clients while on the job and being attentive to their needs. In general, you need to hone your soft skills to be likeable and well-rated. 

It is a good idea to build a set of best practices that each of your stylists must adhere to. This includes simple things like setting a timer when you keep a customer waiting after a hair coloring job, or asking your clients if they are comfortable while washing their hair with warm water. It is a good idea to host all of this content, along with how-to videos on what are called LMS systems. Such learning management platforms are available for free or are cloud-hosted and let you host your videos and other onboarding documents in a single place for quick access by your new recruits. 

Take turns on administrative errands 

In most salons, stylists take care of billing, cleaning and other administrative/operational errands. Training your new recruits to handle these tasks is also a critical component of onboarding. Unlike other tasks however, training your stylists for these administrative tasks is relatively easier and may be taken up on the job. 

At the end of the day, the success of a salon depends on how well your stylists are liked by your clients. Training your new recruits and ensuring that they align with your culture is thus quintessential to the job. The tips above make job training easy and can help you as a salon owner bring new stylists onboard in no time.  

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Andrew Morris is the founder of Flicmedia, a UK based small business marketing automation company.

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