3 Tips When Marketing Your Spa to Men this Valentine's Day

John Rigo

As a spa owner, if someone asked you to describe your typical client, how would you respond? Well, if you’re like most health and beauty professionals you’d probably start with “female.” The spa industry has notoriously been dominated by a female demographic and that’s why most spas try marketing to them. However, there is that one special time of year where everything gets a little wonky - Valentine’s Day.

That amorphous, “Valentine’s Day Shopper,” is not actually so amorphous after all, as 8 out of 10 times that V-Day shopper is a man. That’s right, for Valentine’s Day you still want your spa services and products to be enticing to women, BUT you need to change up your tactics here and grab the attention of husbands, boyfriends, boy crushes... you get the point. If you want your spa to reap in as much profits as possible you’ve got to start gearing up to catch the male eye.  

This may be a little foreign for most spa owners, but never fear, we’ve got you covered! Here are 3 tips for spa owners to rope in all the husbands and boyfriends out there this Valentine’s Day.

1. Crafting Your Couples Packages

This is what Valentine’s Day is all about - the couples. However, always remember there are two to every couple. You’d be surprised how many spas craft their “Happy Together” sorta Valentine’s Day packages solely for women. Keep in mind that chances are it’s the husbands and boyfriends that are going to be purchasing your V-Day specials. So, have a “Happy Couple” package, BUT differentiate for him and her.

  • For Her - feel free to include things like massages, exfoliating facials, and mani/pedis. Contemplate giving a little Valentine’s Day flair by including chocolates and pink champagne.

  • For Him - include services like a sports massage, cleansing facial, and handyman manicure. Instead of the pink champagne offer him something like cigars and/or a craft beer.

Offer these slightly modified services in the same, side-by-side Valentine’s Day package, and you’ve got yourself the perfect spa V-Day special that he’ll feel confident she will love and that he won’t feel funny about going through himself.

2. Get the Gift Cards Ready

For those men not brave enough to go face to face with a spa day this Valentine’s Day, they probably still want to offer their special lady the relaxing spa day she deserves. However, when they walk into your spa and take a look at your menu it’s probably just going to look like a bunch of gibberish. Keep that in mind, and accommodate the male Valentine’s Day shopper.

Have gift cards visible and ready to go. Make it easy for him. If he’s not sure what package to get for his wife or girlfriend, you’ve got the perfect answer for him, “Here’s a gift certificate!” This alleviates his stress, she gets to enjoy a day at the spa, and you’ve put more money in your pocket - a truly lovely scenario.

3. Online Purchases

If the Valentine’s Day planning and purchasing typically fell to women everything would probably be planned, set, and ready to go a month in advance. However, with men, it’s a little different. To say they typically wait till the last minute is a bit of an understatement. According to the SocialTimes only about 30% of men start planning a week before Valentine’s Day and close to 40% are actually still planning out ideas the day of!

So, as a spa owner looking to make as much sales as possible this Valentine’s Day you want to make sure your spa is ready to accommodate that last-minute, male shopper. The best way to do so is offer all your Valentine’s Day specials online. V-Day packages, product bundles, gift certificates, whatever - offer it online. Make it easy for all last minute shoppers to make a purchase the best way possible - with a click of a button.


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