3 Must-See Beauty Business Websites

As a beauty business owner, you know that first impressions are crucial when it comes to the esthetic of your branding. That’s why it’s so important your website catches the eye of prospective clients and showcases how your salon or spa stands out from the rest. 

Think about it. We have all seen websites that literally make our jaw hit the floor the second we navigate to it. But a beautiful website is just the start—you also have to keep the entire customer experience in mind when designing your website. This means ease of navigation, a streamlined booking process for your appointments, a clear service menu, and making it mobile-friendly are just as important as how your website looks. 

Looking for some website design inspiration? Here are three Booker by MINDBODY customers who have some of the most eye-catching and user-friendly websites. 


MYLKBAR is Charleston’s first nail and beauty studio that is dedicated to the pursuit of non-toxic self-care. After founder Katie Shields became pregnant, she was increasingly aware that her city didn’t really offer a safe, fume-free environment for nail art enthusiasts to get their nails done. Katie opened MYLKBAR to provide a stylish place to offer a safe, clean experience. The salon uses coconut milk-based products that promise to leave your nails looking and feeling better than ever before. 

Their website is full of eye-catching color and stylish nail art photos that effectively showcase their innovative work, their clean, bright salon environment, and their fresh take on beauty trends. On top of that, the site is easy to navigate with effective CTAs at the top of the page which allows visitors to easily book appointments, set up events at their location, and shop for fun beauty products.  

2. The Bird House 

Voted one of the top hair studios in New York City by New York Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, and Time Out NY, The Bird House was founded on the belief that we all have an emotional connection to how our hair looks and feels. Its founders, Brooke Jordan Hunt and Nicci Jordan Hubert, are highly-sought out stylists because they are dedicated to providing an unbeatable experience in a lax atmosphere with precise attention to detail—the result? The most elegant cut and color you’ve ever had. 

Their website is simple, to the point, and extremely easy to navigate. We love that their admirable backstory is font-and-center the second you bring up their site. They use consistent, neutral colors and pleasant fonts to really drive their mission of simplicity and elegance home. Something else we love? They update their homepage based on the construction patterns of New York City to ensure their clients don’t miss their appointments due to traffic. That’s a win-win for both The Bird House NYC and their perfectly-coiffed clients. 

3. Olive & June

Olive & June founder, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, prides herself in providing a new kind of neighborhood nail salon in Los Angeles that makes getting a manicure and pedicure a downright lovely experience. This nail art destination has a loyal client base of dynamic women of all ages including celebrities, editors, friends, family, and fans and has received extensive coverage in well-known magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Allure. 

Nail art aficionados have flocked to this LA hot spot—and for good reason. Their website focuses on showcasing nail art, which has become a signature service. The nail salon has become so popular they recently launched their own nail polish and nail art line that you can buy directly from their website. Along with a color palette that makes our eyes happy (and the most adorable service menu we’ve ever seen), the layout is simple but effective and makes navigating their website a breeze. 

Designing or re-designing your website doesn't have to be hard. In fact, you can use this website design guide to help you build the website of your dreams. 


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