4 Reasons To Follow Up with Customers After Every Appointment

John Rigo

Would you say your business functions like a democracy?

Out of the 192 countries in the world, 123 of them are classified as democracies. Democracies  are such a successful type of government because they listen to what their citizens have to say.

I bet 95% of you emphatically said that your business is like a democracy, but how true is that? Do you really listen to the voice of your clients? If your business doesn’t regularly provide a form of customer feedback for customers to express their opinions then your business might not be as democratic as think. Ideally, you want to follow up with customers after every appointment. Yes - Every. Single. One. Gathering customer feedback and really listening to what your clients opinions can help your business…

1. Improve on a Specific Service

Sending your customers some sort of customer feedback prompt after an appointment can help you really perfect your services. Following up with a customer after their appointment gives them the chance to voice their opinion on the specific service(s) they just received. This  eliminates the issue of you simply guessing why customers are dissatisfied with something. You’ll know with certainty what the issue is and start making specific changes. Through customer feedback you gain insight regarding which components of a service you provide should be altered and even the best way you should go about altered it.

2. Improve Customer Retention

A customer feedback survey really works to open the lines of communication between your business and your clients. Customer feedback surveys allow you to become privy to unhappy customers before you completely lose their business. If you don’t know they’re not happy, how can you fix the problem? However, by following up with customers after appointments you can stay informed on which clients are dissatisfied and then let them know you’re going work to rectify their individual issue.

3. Identify Customer Advocates

Following up with customers after every appointment isn’t just about addressing and resolving bad news. There is a pick-me-up to providing customer feedbacks too. Conversely, customer feedback surveys allow you to identify potential customer advocates. These are customers that have voiced their love for your business and services on a few customer feedback surveys. You can reach out to these happy customers with some sort of a referral program. If they’re happy with your business, chances are they’ll be more than willing to start referring a friend or two… or ten.

4. Give Customers What They Want Vs. What You Think They Need

Remember when I asked if you saw your business as more of a democracy? Well, if you’re not following up with customers after their appointments and hearing what they have to say, your business operates a little like a dictatorship. Think about it, you’re simply providing customers with what you think they need. If you don’t ask them, you don’t know what it is they actually want. That’s why customer feedback surveys are so useful. They allow you insight into what your customers really want from your business. You can stop making decisions based on just what your think, and instead on what your clients are actually telling you.  


Convinced that it’s worth it to follow-up with customers after every appointment? Do you feel you just don’t have enough time to do so? Be sure to leave us a comment below!


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