5 Best Practices for Summer Waxing Success

Noemi Grupenmager
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The Uni K Wax franchise, a specialized waxing salon providing the most innovative waxing products and techniques on the market, is one of Booker’s most successful clients. In this article, founder and CEO Noemi Grupenmager shares her tips for how to take advantage of the summer waxing season to gain new customers and encourage repeat business.

Attract New Customers

Attracting new clients and generating buzz is essential for all businesses. Uni K Wax implements many marketing strategies that connect directly with our customers. We offer monthly promotions that reach potential customer through social media, public relations, or through our email newsletters. We think it’s important to connect with potential clients both on a digital front as well as through direct engagement.

Facilitate Customer Retention

As any business knows, gaining clients is only half the battle – retaining them is the other half. The reason we have such high customer retention is because we make every customer feel as comfortable as possible and encourage repeat business. Our rewards package is one way we thank our customers for their loyalty and encourage them to return and spread the word.

Reduce Friction for New Customers

Convenience is also a huge part of our client retention strategy. Uni K Wax was the first waxing center to offer online booking services so that both the customer and our staff understand exactly what service is being requested. Incorporating online booking technology has been essential to our overall client experience. In fact, we recently had a customer compliment us for this service for helping him communicate and receive the exact service he needs.

Boost Retail Sales
The waxing industry isn’t exactly seasonal, but some periods are busier than others. To boost retail sales, we extend our hours during busy periods and run regular monthly promotions focused on a particular theme for any given month. We also offer packages and summer bundles to increase sales. We call our packages a series and incentivize clients to buy ten or more of a particular service in order to receive two free treatments. This is easy to track with a waxing salon software system like Booker.

Motivating Employees

We wouldn’t be the business we are today without our staff. Our expert waxers are efficient, quick, and make every waxing experience as pleasant as possible. They are a huge reason we have such great client retention. I think it’s a reciprocal effect – our staff loves our customers, and the customers love their waxers. This motivates our staff to always do their best work.

About the Author

Noemi Grupenmager

In 1993, Noemi Grupenmager envisioned a specialized hair removal center that offered waxing for both men and women and that raised industry and marketplace standards. Dissatisfied with the expensive and slow hair removal services available at nail and hair salons across the country, Noemi imagined a waxing only center with a welcoming atmosphere that offered clean and professional services at affordable prices. Having sensitive skin herself, Noemi also recognized the need for a wax that was all

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