5 Easy Social Media Valentine’s Day Tips For Your Small Biz

Alyson Owens

Valentine's Day Social Media Tips

In 2015, U.S. consumers spent nearly $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day (fun fact: $700 million was spent on JUST pets!) An easy way to market your small business to these consumers? Social media!

Social media is a powerful tool that helps you attract new customers to your small business. There are millions of daily users, making your social (and revenue) growth potential quite expansive. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram have over 2.2 Billion monthly active users combined! Utilizing social during money-making holidays, like Valentine’s Day, can help you drastically increase sales at little to no cost.

When crafting your V-Day social posts, keep in mind that it’s important to practice the rule of thirds (promote, converse, share):

  • ⅓: Promote your business/services

  • ⅓: Share ideas/post from influencers in your industry

  • ⅓: Personal interactions/building your brand

Below we discuss 5 ways to use social media for your small business’ Valentine’s Day promotions  (and the best platforms to do it on). Above all - it’s important to have fun and be engaging!

1. Change Your Avatars or Header Image


A simple way to have your social pages stick out amongst the competition: changing your profile images. By doing this, you are acknowledging the holiday and your followers will look out for any special promotions you may share. Here are some ideas:

  • Add a festive Valentine’s Day color to your already existing logo

  • Use a stock photo as your header image that represents the holiday and your field

  • Photoshop pro? Create an unique image for your social headers (like the Booker creative team did below!)

We recommend changing these images at least 1-2 weeks before February 14th.

*Bonus: Optimized Image Dimensions

  •       Facebook Header Image Dimensions: 851 pixels x 315 pixels
  •       Facebook Profile Picture Dimensions: 160 pixels x 160 pixels
  •       Twitter Header Image Dimensions: 1500 pixels x 500 pixels
  •       Twitter Profile Picture Dimensions: 400 pixels x 400 pixels

2. Promotions/Giveaways


Promotions and “free” stuff is an excellent way to ring in customers new and old. Alright, your Valentine’s Day promotion doesn’t necessarily need to be free but giving away a little now will pay off big in the end. Consumers love business specials and this will get them more interested in your product or service. Need help thinking of a good promotion or giveaway?

  • Tell your followers that the first 5 people to share & comment on your business’ Valentine’s Day post will receive 10% of their next purchase

  • Give away a gift card or product from your small business. How to win? Followers need to write a post on their funniest date ever (or whatever subject you choose). Make sure to tell them to tag your page so you know who is participating!

Major upside for creating this engagement on your social pages? You will be generating buzz that can draw in potential new customers.

*Bonus Tip: We recommend to only run the promotion/giveaway for 1-2 days (you can run multiple promotions, though!) Make sure the rules are clear on your post - you don’t want to create more work for yourself than you need to.

3. Join In On Trending Hashtags


Remember when the hashtag was just the ‘pound’ key? Those days are over and the hashtag has become a phenomenon in the social world. Hashtags help users follow specific themes or topics on all different platforms. For weeks leading up to February 14th, #ValentinesDay is guaranteed to be amongst the trending topics on Twitter & Instagram. By adding the simple # at the end of a tweet or Instagram post, you have the potential to be exposed to a whole new audience.

  • Some popular hashtags: #ValentinesDay, #ValentinesDayDeals, #February14th, #Love

  • The Booker hashtag: #BeOurs (join in on the fun)

*Bonus Tip: Want to see first-hand how to engage with your followers for V-Day? Check out Booker’s social channels:     


**Double Bonus: Also add another hashtag in relation to your small business (ie: #spa, #salons)

4. Give away candy hearts (We’ve Got You Covered)


Your followers like to feel loved (a loved customer = a happy customer). Amongst promoting your business and services for V-day, it’s important not to forget the social media rule of thirds. Growing your social engagement and brands is just as important as selling your services. Can’t think of what to ‘give’ your followers? Booker has you covered! Share ‘digital’ candy hearts with your followers to show your appreciation for them. Comment below and ask for your custom hearts to share on your social platforms.


5. Feature a Staff Member or Client


Another simple way to implement the rule of thirds for your V-day strategy is to highlight a staff member or client. Social followers like to see what goes on ‘behind the camera’ - let them get a closer look into what your company does besides the normal day-to-day services. Have a staff member or a loyal client that recently got engaged? Or celebrating a special anniversary? Post their story on your social pages and share the love with everyone.

*Bonus tip: Make sure to add a photograph along with your post. Posts with images are 40x more likely to get shared than any other content.

Looking for even more awesome Valentine's Day tips and tricks? Check out our Valentine's Day Guide!

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Alyson  Owens

Aly Owens is the Social Media Marketing Associate/Ninja at Booker Software and has a passion for engaging with the small business online community. From growing up in a small business family, she has a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for the SMB world. Before joining Booker, she managed social media at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, another one of her great passions.

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