5 Fitness Classes to Try in 2015

Let’s be honest: Even the most die-hard fitness freaks can get bored with the same routine. These 6 fitness classes will help you stay fit and have fun in 2015.

1. Treadmill Class

Get your butt in gear with interval treadmill training and floor exercises. Plus, you get your very own fitness shoulder angel to tell you to keep going instead of dialing back to 3 miles an hour while you catch up on the latest celeb gossip in People. 

Treadmill studio class

Source: Brendan McDermid / Reuters

2. Hot Barre Class

It’s a core-rocking barre class with added heat. You will definitely feel tougher than a ballerina at the end of a session. 

Hot barre class

Source: coreessentials.ca

3. Restorative Yoga Class

If you’re dealing with injuries or simply looking for a way to recover from high-intensity workouts, this gentler class will help you work your flexibility.

Restorative yoga class

Source: reflectionsyoga.com

4. High-Intensity Fitness Class

Burn major calories with a high-intensity, high-impact circuit class. This is the top fitness trend for 2015, so get on it!

 High Intensity Interval Training (HITT)

Source: East Bank Club

5. Punk Rope

Get ready for grade-school recess jump rope on steroids. All you need is a rope and a chant to get started. 

Punk Rope class

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