5 Inspiring Mantras for Yoga Teachers

Some days, the distractions of running a studio can cloud your focus. Use these 5 mantras to re-center yourself.

1. Gayatri Mantra

I reflect on the unity of Divine Spirit, which pervades everything in the earth, the atmosphere and heavens.
May this Supreme Consciousness protect me and illuminate my intellect that I may realize my inherent oneness with That.
I meditate on the great luminous light that enlightens all three worlds.
May it enlighten all.

2. Om Shri Saraswataya Namaha 

Help me and inspire me in my art.

3. Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu
May the entire universe be filled with peace and joy, love and light.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free. 

In some way, may I contribute to that happiness and freedom for all.

4. Om Namah Shivaya

Honor the divine within oneself and within others.

5. Om Kring Kalikaye Namah

Transform my being into pure consciousness.

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