5 Quick Morning Exercises to Help You Seize The Day!

John Rigo

The sun starts to slowly peer through your blinds, birds start to sing good morning, and your eyes ever so gently begin to open as you gracefully stretch your arms out - yep, must be morning time! Too bad those sort of mornings are but a fantasy. In reality, you’re most likely awoken to a screaming alarm, proceed to stuff your head under your pillow, and silently curse the world. Mornings are rough, especially when you have a long day ahead of you.

Now, this may sound like the last thing you actually want to do in the morning, but according to studies conducted by Duke University and New York Times exercising in the morning can actually boost your energy level for the day and your brain power! Sharper and more energy, you say? Might be worth a try...

Your morning exercise routine doesn’t have to be very long. Keep it to something short like 5 to 10 minutes. So, here’s 5 quick and easy exercise ideas to help you start your day on the right foot!

1. Jumping Jacks

Get out of that groggy morning haze and get your body moving. Jumping jacks are a great way to get your blood flowing, heart bumping and energy level on the rise. It can be something quick like jumping jacks for 2-4 minutes straight, or 3 reps of 30.

source: health.comDescription: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/atgKUQkdH1EVnI7v1CJX-wyg5bVEG06CfwjWslEep5b4S3Qc4SWI2EbzGEqFX9i-bTb1ZN7EjZPfUD450JSyu7tksnKs3sUCxhW6bydJX-A5AO4z6ET0UmwpBdIhIrqZeg=s1600

2. Mountain Climbers

Looking to feel refreshed and revitalized? Well, you could try scaling a mountain, or just do a few mountain climbers when you wake up. Try out 3 reps of 45-second intervals. Mountain Climbers are a great combination of some cardio, legs, and ab work all in one.

source: bodybuilding.comDescription: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/ewviybgS5BLEMs8dKhIk-aueKauOwpC8oK54lX_mJAIL46TLSCBnfTW9QI3HD50JBicBgL-ta_XhAt9ZuAljnGN87Zoq9m8C6_w0eIhFAY5trSsG3SPsspI_1S9_oXB0VZU=s1600

3. In-Place High Knees

High knees are are great way for you to get pumped in the morning while at the same time strengthening those hip and calf muscles. Simply jog in place and lift your knees above your waistline. Think about doing them for 2-4 minutes, or 3 reps of 40 (20 each leg).

Source: lifescript.comDescription: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/Sr2bx4ERg5W-EQ6AuFqgPwbUfTncNu2X9GaioNqNZLG9aWEuZQII25AC2h9g7clocDHNF0giFGpWLNbAiK-OOM7k_CEl4EjNYycHu3WX-qUXAkzCTnp3xEfbPdyqenk5syE=s1600


If you’re like most small business owners you’re on your feet for most of the day. So, show those legs some love in the morning. Try out some lunges - 3 sets of 10 (5 on each leg). These will not only get you going in the morning, but lunges also prepare your legs muscles for the long day ahead.

Source: health.comDescription: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/FA0fyBAIsrpod7N2vFx8iFALueisXc5gO3tRLwJlRSaTmWOPFYW_WBecIxKd7vrJr6t9dXGT5dlvarBfUx_tySyul1btD68iUQ7DByxHyk0W-EHtoZABDFYnqKSLEomH93s=s1600

Bicycle Crunches

Let’s think core. Bicycle crunches are the perfect way to wake you up in the morning and work those abs. Give 3 reps of 1-minute intervals a try. Break a little sweat and then bust into the day head first. Description: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/Y3GM9kKZvg8MiKnPfblmwbxuQ8eJEFMNRWu7hvlyBYHDItTfBF7OXutegjXzAdX0v9f4vGxELefuzvRVaJqoAFPSqfMg38BojzI6vlRXugjjKw-A0M2c6KQWBFH3kcNPQg=s1600

Source: news.health.com

For more long-lasting energy in the day you don’t need to guzzle three pots of coffee. Instead, just set aside 5-10 minutes every morning. Wake up, work up a little sweat, and... SEIZE THE DAY!

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