5 Reasons Why Owning a Spa is the Best Job

John Rigo

Don’t you wish every day could be a spa day? Well, for spa owners our dream is their reality.

Here are 5 reasons why owning a spa is one of the best jobs around.

1. Look Good, Feel Good

You don’t just make your clients look good on the outside– you make them feel good on the inside too.


Source: spa-delrey.com

2. Passion

Sometimes we make the difficult choice between doing what we love and doing what pays well. As a spa owner, you get the best of both worlds.


Source: cooltourdesign.com

3. Healer

Clients walk in through your doors with neck, back, head, you name it kind of pain, and leave your business feeling fresh and new. You are a healer of body and soul.

Source: groupon.co.in

4. Variety

http://www.south-african-hotels.com/media/spa(87).jpgEvery client is a new adventure with unique needs. You are never faced with the “same old, same old.”

Source: south-african-hotels.com

5. Connectivity

You know a lot more about them than just their favorite body scrub and/or facial. You learn about their lives. Your clients aren’t just customers – your clients become your friends.  


Source: beyondbeaute.com

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